WWE news: Wrestling fan creates the 'best possible WWF vs WCW' PPV card

The glory days of WWE, or should we say WWF, the ‘Monday Night Wars’, came to an end after WCW’s decline after the brand was purchased by Vince McMahon, sparking the invasion angle.

The invasion is infamous for being disappointing, the angle had so much promise after how exciting the ‘Monday Night Wars’ had been.

It seemed like the then WWF had a limitless amount of opportunities to create amazing storylines, but it seemed Mr. McMahon was more concentrated on putting WCW in the mud once and for all.

A Reddit user has come up with their own PPV based on the invasion angle and Mr. McMahon could’ve done with hiring this user for booking all those years ago.

Put it this way, if this had been a PPV card, it would have most likely been WWE’s best ever.

The main event to the Reddit user’s PPV is Goldberg vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, and one can only imagine Jim Ross screaming ringside at how much of a “slobberknocker” this match would be.

Goldberg was unstoppable during his WCW days and a match-up with Stone Cold would’ve been a sight to behold. It would’ve been lovely to see Austin catch Goldberg’s spear and turn it into an iconic Stunner.

The co-main event is a match-up that we have seen before, The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan, which took place at WrestleMania 18, which The Rock won and as he was perhaps WWE’s main guy at the time. It’s hard to see that the result would’ve been any different at this PPV.

For us, however, the most notable match on the card is Undertaker vs Sting in a Hell in a Cell match, a wrestling fan’s absolute dream.

The match that never happened… Undertaker vs Sting, the match that got away, the high-school crush if it was a wrestling match, you get the gist. For a lot of wrestling fans, this is THE dream match and where better to have it take place than in the Hell in a Cell; Undertaker’s notorious playground.

The match, however, that would be likely to provide the most entertainment is a TLC Tag Team match between Hardy Boyz vs Dudley Boyz vs Edge/Christian vs RVD/Billy Kidman.

This match would have been jaw dropping. We’ve already seen TLC matches with three of the mentioned teams, but adding RVD “The Whole Dam Show” and Billy Kidman, would add some amazing cruiserweight action to the fold, and could make the already iconic TLC match 10 times better.

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