Twitter thread emerges of the most disrespectful moments in football


The sight of Lionel Messi sitting down Jerome Boateng in the Champions League in 2015 will be replayed for many decades to come.

A video of the goal on YouTube includes some brilliant comments, with Boateng the subject of many witty jokes.

“My condolences to Boateng’s family,” reads one comment. “If you look closely you can see his career being destroyed,” reads another.

Messi is responsible for leaving many opponents completely humiliated, and the Barcelona star features several times in a Twitter thread of the most disrespectful moments in football history.

Twitter page @Football__Tweet asked their followers to share clips of players showing absolutely no respect for their opponents.

And it shows that players can be pure savage at times.

We’ve included some of the best tweets below. Click HERE to read the full thread.

Never forget Franck Ribery giving Messi a taste of his own medicine…

Boateng was recently asked about THAT moment against Messi by a follower on Twitter.

The Bayern Munich defender saw the funny side of the ordeal, writing: “Honestly I would love to see each one of you defending against Messi 😂😂”.

Fair point, Jerome.

Remember, Boateng is a World Cup winner. If Messi can leave him embarrassed, just think what he would do to the average Joe.

FC Barcelona v SD Eibar SAD  - La Liga

Another Messi clip that also made its way into the thread was his nutmeg on James Milner in the Champions League in 2015.

Milner was playing for Manchester City at the time. Messi sat him down and then jogged on like it was nothing.

Milner spoke about the incident when he picked Messi in his ultimate XI in 2017.

“Messi has to be in there,” Milner, now playing for Liverpool, said.

“I’ve played against against him a few of times in the Champions League and most people probably remember the nutmeg on myself.

I won’t be the first and I won’t be the last who got megged by him.

He's right. A compilation video of Messi humiliating opponents would go on for a pretty long time.

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