Footage of Mike Tyson working the pads during his boxing days

Mike Tyson

We all know Mike Tyson is undisputedly the Baddest Man on the Planet, as his nickname suggests.

Footage has resurfaced of him on the pads forcing former boxer and trainer Kevin Rooney this way and that with his powerful punches.

Rooney, who was a professional boxer of 26 fights in his own right, is thrown from pillar to post with the ferocious hits of Iron Mike, as seen in this Twitter video.

Rooney has been of glowing praise for Tyson in the past, stating in an interview: “So I think that [Tyson], in my opinion, could have and should have probably beaten anybody that was in his path. Anybody including Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali.

“Well, I’ll give Muhammad Ali and Rocky – well it could have been different, I mean, Rocky punched like hell. Muhammad punched like hell. Rocky had beat everyone. Muhammad had heart and was hard to hit.

“The fights would have been interesting. But I believe that Mike would have come out the better. Because he punched very hard.”

Tyson, now in the ripe old age of 53, has been allegedly considered returning to the ring in a four-round charity bout.

Back in 1986, Mike Tyson became the youngster heavyweight champion, capturing the WBC heavyweight championship with a second-round victory over Trevor Berbick.

Within three years he had the IBF heavyweight title in his possession as well as the lineal heavyweight titles and The Ring’s championship.

In a shock in the Tokyo Dome in February 1990, he would lose everything in a bout with Buster Douglas.

Tyson reached a degree of infamy, earning him the moniker The Baddest Man on the Planet, from jail time to biting Evander Holyfield’s ear off as well as performing in a WrestleMania main event alongside Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Tyson ended his career with a record of 50 wins and six losses, including 44 knockouts.

His big fight was a clash with former undisputed champion Lennox Lewis, losing after an eighth-round stoppage in 2002.

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