GMS’ Hall of Game: Need for Speed Underground 2 is the GOAT when it comes to racing games


Need for Speed was already a well-established game franchise in 2004, the year when its eighth instalment of the franchise, Need for Speed Underground 2 was released.

The plot of the game surrounding the idea of becoming the greatest underground racer of the area “Bayview”, the fictional city on the west coast of America.

It was the surrounding gameplay, however, that made this game so fun and addictive.

The number of playable modes mixed with a map that for the time was pretty expansive, made for a game that was hard to not go back to again and again.

With the franchise known for its arcade-style of gameplay, it was perfect for quick short bursts of adrenaline-filled fun.

Customisation was at the centre for this game, at least for me. Being able to customise your car, even though most of the changes wouldn’t make a difference to the performance of the car, was vital.

Making sure you looked good whilst tearing past other racers was just as important as the race result.

With around 31 cars to choose from and race in, you had to make sure that each and everyone looked just as good as the last one that left the garage. 

The game was well-received by critics when it was released and has had a lasting impact on most of the people that played this back in the day as one of the most fun racing games to date.

It’s extensive side missions, endless customisation and addition of “free roam” made this a game that was hard to not go back to years after it was released.

If there was ever a remastered version of this, I’m sure plenty of people like myself might be wanting a nostalgic hit of this classic.

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