FIFA 20: An official set of 'apology rules' have been released

Losing a game of FIFA is one of the most anger-inducing things on the planet.

Suffering defeat at the hands of a friend is even worse. We’ve all been there, head full of confidence going into the game only to be walloped 5-0 while the rest of your pals have a good ol’ giggle at your expense.

To make the whole scenario worse there are often FIFA forfeits in place for heavy defeats. Just yesterday, Borussia Dortmund star Jadon Sancho was involved in one himself.

After losing a game to famous rapper Santan Dave, the English forward was forced to tweet out an apology from his official account

Sancho wrote: “I want to say that SANTAN DAVE is the KING of FIFA and I want to apologise for wasting his time by playing him!”

Brutal. If you yourself are interested in inflicting some FIFA forfeits during lockdown, Goal have now released an official list of apology rules which you can find below.

FIFA apology rules

Lose by five goals: Quite simple, the loser must send out an apology on social media praising the winner and stating their regret at bringing dishonour to FIFA 20.

Lose by six goals: The loser must refer to the winner by a chose title (king, queen, lordship etc.) and bring them a snack or drink of their choosing.

Lose by seven goals: The loser must create a Facebook group with a title of the winner’s choosing and invite their entire friend list. The group description has to go into detail about the FIFA humiliation.

Lose by eight goals: The loser must write a letter to the winner’s parents explaining why their son/daughter is far superior. Brilliant stuff.

Lose by nine goals: The loser must phone up a public service and explain their crushing defeat for a full minute. The whole minute has to be fulfilled, so if a person hangs up a second phone call must be made.

Lose by 10 goals: The loser must create a personalised card for the victor congratulating them on their monuments victory.

Lose by 11 goals: The loser must knock on a neighbour’s door and explain why they have let everybody down.

Lose by 12 goals: The loser must play the entire next game completely naked, with only the game’s box covering private parts.

Lose by 13 goals: The victor gets full access to the loser’s Facebook/Twitter/Instagram for a full 13 minutes. No password changes allowed and all content must remain live for the entire evening.

Lose by 14 goals: The loser must buy a custom t-shirt sporting the phrase ‘I lost on FIFA by 14 goals’. To be worn on a night out of the winner’s choosing.

Lose by 15 goals: The loser must snap their FIFA 20 disc in half and upload the damage to social media. They must also spend an entire week reflecting on the loss before purchasing a new copy. 

We at GIVEMESPORT are also going to create a separate forfeit for a 15-goal loss for those who have the game installed rather than on a disc.

GMS’ alternate option for 15-goal loss: The loser must uninstall the game and delete all their saved data. They also cannot re-install for a full two weeks.

Savage, right? But wait, there’s more. There are also separate forfeits if someone registers a certain achievement with a specific player.

They range from having to get a wacky haircut if Paul Pogba scores a hat-trick to mimicking Erling Haaland’s ‘yoga celebration’ in public.

If Alexis Sanchez scores a hat-trick against you, your opponent also has the right to make you eat a hot chilli of their choosing.

FIFA 20 just got a whole lot more interesting!

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