WWE news: Remembering The Rock's greatest ever WWE promo on his 48th birthday

The Rock delivered his best WWE promo in 1999

The Rock celebrates his 48th birthday this weekend.

Once the star of WWE’s Attitude Era, Dwayne Johnson has transitioned into Hollywood to become one of the most famous actors in the world.

So how are we going to celebrate ‘The Most Electrifying Man In Sport’s Entertainment’ on his special day? 

By taking a look at his greatest ever WWE promo, of course. 

There are so, so many to pick from, but one stands out above them all.

It’s the moment The Rock single-handedly buried Billy Gunn on the mic back in 1999. 

Soon after winning King of the Ring and earning a main event push, Gunn became the subject of a famous promo, where ‘The Great One’ reenacted a conversation Billy had with God. 

Rock begins: 

Oh dear God…my name’s Billy and I just won King of the Ring. But there’s one problem. Everybody still thinks that I absolutely suck! 

The Rock laid a verbal smackdown on Gunn

Pretty ruthless, right? But it gets even better.

The promo actually spawned Rock’s ‘it doesn’t matter!’ catchphrase and it’s really just two and a half minutes of unbeatable verbal smackdown.  

Check out the full video below: 

Absolutely brutal. To this day, there’s no one that cuts a promo in WWE quite like The Rock. We really do miss his appearances inside the squared circle!

Even when he was playing the heel in this promo, fans were hanging on every single word, loving every minute of it. 

Johnson has gone on to entertain millions around the world since then, starring in countless Hollywood movies. 

No one ran the mic like The Rock

But that’s hardly a surprise. The Rock was always destined for the top, even way back in 1999 and this famous promo proves it.

Happy Birthday, Dwayne! 

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