WWE news: Mick Foley wants Nancy Benoit inducted into Hall of Fame

  • Will Day
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WWE icon Mick Foley has called for Chris Benoit’s tragically murdered wife Nancy to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

In 2007 over a three-day period, between June 22 and June 24, Benoit brutally murdered his wife Nancy and suffocated their seven-year-old son before hanging himself. 

In an attempt to remember Nancy’s life in a different way, Foley has suggested that inducting her into the WWE Hall of Fame would be fitting. 

The WWE originally paid tribute to Benoit, but after the murders were uncovered, he was completely erased from the company’s history. 

Foley took to social media to vent his thoughts, he said: “For the past 13 years, Nancy Benoit’s life has been largely defined in the public eye by how she died. I think it is about time we changed that way of thinking. 

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pause for a moment to remember instead, how she lived, how she worked, and to reflect on what her legacy in pro wrestling should be?” 

After the ring legend reached out to Sandra Toffoloni, Nancy’s sister, the two instantly started reflecting on the past. 

Foley worked closely with Nancy in ECW and even closer with her when Benoit moved to WWE in 2000. 

In a separate social media post, Foley addressed his proposal further, as he said: "It’s an important discussion. But equally important to me, is that several fans, started talking about the career of Nancy Benoit, and how she should be remembered.

"For the first time I can recall, talk surfaced of Nancy possibly being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame - a topic I had never really considered it before.

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"But seeing the 'Dark Side of the Ring', re-establishing contact with Sandra, and looking back on Nancy’s career these past couple of weeks has been an eye-opener for me." 

The brutal killings of Nancy and seven-year-old Daniel, as well as the suicide of Chris Benoit, were documented on a series called 'Dark Side of the Ring', which Foley narrated. 

Scientists will forever be uncertain as to Benoit’s motive, however, WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt, appearing on Live with Dan Abrams on July 17, 2007, said that Benoit was prescribed testosterone as part of a treatment for testosterone replacement therapy.

This surgery is seen as common medical practice for people who had used steroids in the past. 

Foley later on in his social media post said: "I would love to see Nancy inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame - under whatever name or character her family and WWE collectively decide.

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"For her work as Fallen Angel, I believe she deserves to be included. For her work as Woman during her first run in WCW – when she feuded with Rick Steiner, managed Doom, and managed The 4 Horsemen - I believe she deserves to be included.

"For her run in ECW, and her second run with WCW - where she helped create a fascinating angle that blurred the line between storyline and reality - I believe she deserves to be included.

Inducting Nancy Toffoloni into the WWE Hall of Fame is the right thing to do. Let us remember her, and define her for who she was and what she did in life.

With Foley’s status in the company, it is thought his request will be seriously considered.

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