Dennis Bergkamp video showing his 'superhuman first touch' goes viral

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Dennis Berkgamp was a special, special player.

The Dutchman, who spent 11 seasons at Arsenal, is considered one of the best Premier League strikers in history.

Thierry Henry benefited massively by playing alongside him for the Gunners and he considers Bergkamp the best player he ever played with.

“Because of longevity and because I saw him every day in training for more than seven years, Dennis Bergkamp,” Henry said in 2015, per the Evening Standard.

“Why? Because he was always doing what the game was asking him to do. What I mean by that is he can showboat sometimes and score a goal that you guys would have gone ‘oh wow!’

“He could score but he could pass, past, [pick the] right moment. He was always trying to respect the game when he could do other stuff and that’s why I respected him a lot for that.

“But also the way he trained. The way he used to train was just not normal. The guy didn’t want to lose the ball, if he loses the ball he would foul you, get in your face, he wants to be first in the run, first to touch the mannequin in training.”

So, what made Bergkamp so good? 

Arsenal's Dutch striker Dennis Bergkamp (L) contro

Bergkamp wasn't blessed with electric pace, but he did have immense technical ability.

His best trait was, undoubtedly, his first touch.

When you think of players with the best first touch ever, the Dutchman is one player that immediately springs to mind.

Don't believe us? A video of his 'superhuman' first touch during his career has emerged and it's an incredible watch.

View it below:

Wow. he could do things with the football that people only dream of.

He produced some outrageous touches and the best thing is that he made it look so easy.

The video quickly went viral, accumulating over 4k retweets and 16k 'likes' at the time of writing.

Football fans have been praising Bergkamp after watching the video and you can view some of the best tweets below:

There is only one word that can describe Bergkamp: genius.

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