Stoke City's goals from Rory Delap throw-ins have been compiled into a video

Chelsea v Stoke City - Premier League

Stoke City grabbed the Premier League by the horns after their promotion in 2008.

Under the iron-fisted management of Tony Pulis, the Potters were undaunted by the step up from the Championship and proceeded to ruffle the feathers of some of Europe's top teams.

The windy conditions at the Bet365 Stadium - then known as the 'Britannia' - combined with the deafening supporters who broke decibel records made it a truly unnerving away day.

Eventually, their luck ran out after the Mark Hughes era came to an ignominious end and Paul Lambert failed to save them from relegation, but those early top-flight days remain happy ones for Stoke fans.

It was arguably their departure from a rough-and-tumble playing style that brought about their demise and by 2018, they had long kissed goodbye to their original secret weapon: Rory Delap.

Stoke's early Premier League days

Every Premier League fan of that era will remember the Stoke midfielder's uncanny knack of launching remarkably long throw-ins into the penalty area and duly causing havoc.

It was easy to forget that Delap was actually a very capable player for the Potters, but there were times where you had to wonder whether he'd been picked especially for that reason.

And the concept of Stoke having this newfound power was so foreign to top teams that defenders and goalkeepers panicked without fail, some even preferring to clear the ball for a corner.

Stoke City's manager Tony Pulis is pictu

Rory Delap's legendary throw-ins

When you look back on that epoch 10 years later, it seems crazy that such a simple abuse of one player's talents could be so pivotal in keeping Stoke clear of the drop.

However, time passed has not overhyped the power of Delap's explosive arms because Sky Sports have decided to upload a video of every Premier League goal his throw-ins helped to instigated.

In total, Pulis' men found the net from 17(!!!) Delap specials and you can check out every single one of them in the full compilation down below:

The montage that nobody knew they wanted, but certainly needed.

As you can see by the dates on each goal, Premier League teams eventually worked out how to defend against them a little better and Delap's potency to that Stoke team faded over time.

But the initial chaos that it caused during the 2008/09 season may never be replicated and we certainly haven't seen a promoted team make such a mark on the division since then.

Stoke City v Liverpool - Premier League

There's something that will forever be amusing about the top defences of Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool being carved apart by a tactic that could well be described as being medieval.

But while those world-class players could stop some of the Champions League's best attacks, they were completely unraveled when it came to Delap hurling it into the mixer. Simply iconic.

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