Eddie Hall doesn't think The Mountain's deadlift should be deemed a world record

  • Alex Batt

Over the weekend, 'The Mountain' as he is well known smashed a Guinness World Record when he remarkably deadlifted 501kg.

However, one of his biggest rivals Eddie Hall disputes the lift and doesn't recognise it as a new world record, simply because of the fact it wasn't done in a competition and it was done in his home gym.

Real name Hafþor Bjornsson, the man who stars in Game of Thrones and also competes worldwide in World's Strongest Man, took to the platform on Saturday to try and beat the deadlift world record, and he did just that, successfully lifting a remarkable 501kg.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, competitions haven't been going ahead, and that means he's not been able to attempt the lift in a competitive format, however, he took to his own personal gym to achieve the feat.

BUT, because he was doing it in his own personal gym, and it was his dad that was weighing the weights and signalling the lift, Hall has his doubts over how credible the lift truly is.

Speaking on a podcast on YouTube after the event, Hall was asked about his opinions on the lift, and although at first he congratulated The Mountain on his achievement, he admitted that there will forever be a cloud of uncertainty hanging over it because of the settings around it.

Speaking to True Geordie on the True Geordie Podcast, Hall said: "That's where the world can go now.

"You are gonna get thousands and thousands of people doing world records on camera with their mums and dads sending the down signal.

"Basically, it's opened Pandora's box. If everyone accepts this world record, everyone can now set world records at their own gym and record it. Who's to detest it?! Seriously, like, where do you draw the line? This is the big problem."

(Scroll to 08:00 in the above video)

Hall then went on to dispute the world record himself and said others in the strongest man world would do the same.

I personally think this shouldn't be classed as a world record, and the majority don't recognise this as a world record.

"For me, if it's got a cloud over it, and got the slightest bit of negativity, I wouldn't do it. I would make sure it's 100%"

In the interview with True Geordie, Hall then continued to dissect why he was dubious about the lift, including mentioning how the weights were weighed and just the overall legitimacy of the lift.

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