Gary Neville says it would be ridiculous not to give Liverpool the league title

Liverpool FC v Manchester United - Premier League

The coming weeks are going to be crucial in determining the conclusion of the Premier League.

The season has been suspended as of March 9 and the current lockdown restrictions in the UK have since made it impossible to resume playing matches.

There’s hope that the season will restart during the summer after the Premier League on Friday proposed a seven-week schedule to complete the remaining 92 fixtures.

The plan ultimately hinges on the UK government scaling back measures intended to prevent the spread of coronavirus, while it’s also yet to be agreed to by the 20 top-flight clubs.

Whichever way the campaign is brought to an end, few outcomes are more certain than Liverpool being awarded their first league title in 40 years.

The Reds hold a massive 25-point lead over second-placed Manchester City with nine fixtures left to play, meaning just two victories would be enough to seal the trophy.

In that light, even Gary Neville acknowledges that it makes no sense to deny Liverpool the championship even if we’ve seen the last of the 2019/20 season.

“I think it would be ridiculous not to give Liverpool the league,” he told Sky Sports Super 6, via the Daily Star.

“However, when you get to the bottom of the league, I think it would be equally ridiculous to relegate teams when it's so close.

“We've seen that leagues have been awarded in other countries and in certain countries they've just null and voided it.

“I don't think null and void will be an option with what's happening at the Premier League level.”

Liverpool FC v Manchester United - Premier League

Asked how he’ll react if the Premier League title eventually goes to Anfield, the Manchester United legend replied: “No, no, no I wouldn't leave the country. I think it's less painful seeing them win it this way, without crowds in stadiums, without me being there.”

However, like many other fans of rival clubs, Neville said he won’t be shy about reminding Kopites of the dubious circumstances surrounding their title triumph.

“I think I'd have my little asterisk t-shirt printed, or a little asterisk badge for the season on Sky next season, just for a bit of fun.

“Look, they deserve to win the league, they're the best team in the league and they will rightly I think at some point get awarded with the Premier League medal.

“But it won't stop us having a little bit of a joke in the next 20 years.”

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