Call of Duty: Warzone's much-demanded Duos mode has been confirmed by developers


‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ players have frequently requested a co-operative mode to allow them to team up with another single player on Battle Royale mode – and it has now been confirmed that their wish is in development.

Amos Hodge, creative director of Raven Software (who developed the free-to-play game alongside Infinity Ward), revealed in a recent interview that a two-player Duos mode is currently in development.

“We had Duos on Plunder, but I’m not sure where Duos is, we got some bugs to work out with Duos,” admitted Hodge.

“But we’re listening to the community – if you noticed, we launched with just Trios, then we added Solos, then we added Quads, so we will get to a place where we add Duos in the future. There’s just no exact time I can give you for now, but Duos is coming.”

Warzone has enjoyed great success since its March 10 release, but fans will be pleased to hear that a two-player mode is on the horizon. As Hodge mentioned, players are able to drop in Trios or Quads, but this is of little use to a team of two when they find themselves up against a squad of three or four players.

As Infinity Ward’s narrative director Taylor Kurosaki admitted in the same interview, though, it has proved a real balancing act for the developers to please all players.

“We’re trying to figure out what these core modes are,” said Kurosaki. “It’s funny – I know Amos is active on social medias, and I’m as well – when you add Quads, people are like ‘Where are the Trios?’ And then you go to Trios and they go ‘Where are the Quads?’

“Everyone wants to play the game in a slightly different way,” he said. “It’s really cool and exciting, so we’re trying to figure out what the standard modes are, and what are the modes that works better as sort of a short time, mixing it up kind of situation.”


Kurosaki also stated that having two strong development studios behind the game was a major advantage in being able to respond to the demands of its fanbase.

“We’re listening and continually tweaking it, and like Amos said, we’re supporting this game full force. It’s been amazing to see the power of these two studios fully focused on this game right now.”

We do not have an official timeline for the release of Duos mode, but the teams behind Warzone are certainly listening to their audience. Once the development kinks have been worked out, a two-player Battle Royale will be enjoyed by many.

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