Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren accused of being a coronavirus conspiracy theorist

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Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren has been accused of being a coronavirus conspiracy theorist who believes Covid-19 is just a ploy to force vaccines onto the public.

The Croatian’s social media activity suggests he thinks the virus, which has resulted in more than 247,000 deaths around the world, is a hoax.

Lovren also reacted to an Instagram post from Bill Gates in which the billionaire held a sign saying ‘thank you, health care workers’.

Commenting on the post, the 30-year-old centre-back wrote: “Game over Bill. People are not blind”.

Lovren has also expressed support for professional conspiracy theorist David Icke on his Instagram page.

Icke has made controversial claims about coronavirus since the pandemic began, including the idea that the 5G mobile phone network is spreading the virus.

YouTube removed Icke’s official channel from its platform as a result of his claims.

The Liverpool player has promoted Icke’s work on his Instagram page, sharing images with phrases such as ‘we will not be censored’ and ‘we will not be silenced’.

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In one post, Lovren suggested he’s part of ‘the resistance’.

The Croatia international first alluded to his feelings when he commented a ‘prayer hands’ emoji on an Instagram post by Croatian MP Ivan Pernar.

Pernar had posted an anti-vaxxer meme that showed a cartoon image of Bill Gates holding a syringe and saying: ‘Your body is my choice’.


Pernar wrote the caption: “There should always be the freedom of choice and against making vaccination mandatory.

“That is why I am a thorn in the eye of all mainstream media and their sponsors.”

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