WWE news: The Rock and John Cena mentoring Becky Lynch to help her Hollywood career

Rock and Cena have been mentoring WWE's next Hollywood star

Becky Lynch is dominating headlines right now. 

There's been plenty of suggestion that the RAW Women's Champion will become WWE's next big Hollywood star. 

According to reports, 'The Man' has multiple television and movie offers from the industry and will feature in an upcoming Marvel film. 

Lynch has also just made her TV debut, appearing in the season premiere of Showtime's Billions last Sunday. 

Should she transition to the film industry, Becky will be following in the footsteps of The Rock and John Cena. 

Interestingly, Lynch has recently revealed that both WWE legends have actually been mentoring her to help make that step.  

"[The Rock has] actually been very helpful in guiding me," she told TMZ Sports.

"He's just being very giving and I think they all are because they've all been there and they're all ready to look after the next generation. 

The Rock has been mentoring Lynch

"Cena's also been so great to me and so generous with his time and his advice, he checks up on me on what I'm doing now.

"I think everybody wants to see the next generation move to where they've been, ya know?!"

All signs are pointing towards 'The Man' transitioning into a Hollywood career in the near future and that's certainly exciting. 

Lynch is transitioning to Hollywood

But Lynch also moved to ensure fans she won't be leaving WWE anytime soon.

"Look, I just love performing. I love being able to get it out there, but I also love a crowd. So, as long as I can wrestle, then I'm going to be doing that." 

Of course, there's no reason she can't do both. It would just require working more of a part-time wrestling schedule, much like Cena has done before her. 

Cena has also been helping Lynch

The future certainly sounds exciting for Lynch and we expect to see her become WWE's next big Hollywood star. 

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