Joe Rogan’s huge personal studio gym is an absolute dream for fitness lovers

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Joe Rogan has quite the life.

Famous for his role as UFC colour commentator and host of one of the most popular podcasts on the planet, Rogan has a lot of spare time on his hands to quench his training obsession.

On top of his black belts in Taekwondo and Brazilian Jujitsu, Rogan is also fascinated with MMA fighting and keeping fit, so it only makes sense for him to splash the cash on an insane training facility where he can spend as much time as he wants.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast is based in 14,000 square foot warehouse, but with the podcast studio itself taking up barely any of that space, he had plenty left to put to use. Instead of wasting it, Joe has fitted it with top of the range gym equipment, which would make him the envy of any gym-goer. 

As well as having all the equipment you could ever dream of, the JRE gym also looks the part, with mirrored walls, high ceilings, proper lighting and rubber flooring. 

Joe can spend hours talking with podcast guests about fitness and psychedelics, and he certainly practices what he preaches.

He has invested a tonne of time and money into not just the traditional equipment you'd find in a high-end gym, but also specialist items such as a neck training device, clubs and maces, a reverse hyper-extension machine and an inversion table.

All of this, he claims, helps to keep him fit, healthy and pain-free, despite being 52-years-old after an earlier life of intense physicality. 

Rogan gained his position as UFC colour commentator through a long history of friendship with UFC President Dana White.

After attending a few events, Joe was offered a job as a colour commentator by White, and he declined at first, as he was more interested in just drinking and watching the fights.

However, after a year or so, White was able to get Rogan in on the job for free, in exchange for event tickets for him and his friends.

After about 15 free gigs, Rogan finally accepted payment for the job, and he has been a central character to the success of UFC for nearly two decades since. 

All of his hard work over the years has allowed him to be where he is today, and it'd be difficult to disagree with his talent and work ethic. You are allowed to be jealous of his gym though.

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