Clubs consider using an app to allow fans to send cheers or jeers from their sofas

Aerial Views Of Anfield As Football Remains Suspended Due To Coronavirus

It’s looking increasingly likely that the Premier League will return behind closed doors when it’s safe to do so.

The Premier League are desperate to complete the 2019/20 and even the governments Dominic Raab said the return of football “would lift the spirit of the nation.”

But when football does return, it will be very different.

Obviously, it will be played behind doors. But a whole host of innovative ideas have been suggested to help make it work. And some ideas are better than others.

Allowing five substitutions, playing less than 90 minutes, cameras in dressing rooms, playing with masks – all ideas that have been touted in recent weeks.

But now, another idea has been suggested as they attempt to get all the fans sitting at home involved.

According to the Daily Mail, Premier League clubs could offer an app to allow fans to “send virtual cheers or jeers from their homes to stadiums in under a second.” It’s will help generate an atmosphere for matches behind closed doors.

Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal have apparently held talks this week with a German technology company, who have developed an app that gives supporters to chance to make four noises during matches – cheer, clap, sing or whistle/boo.


Imagine being able to boo your striker from the comfort of your own home for missing a sitter. Brilliant.

The app can also give clubs the option of amplifying the home crowd and reducing the sound of away fans to help transform neutral venues into home/away.

Aerial Views Of Anfield As Football Remains Suspended Due To Coronavirus

Fans are likely to be charged £1 for an initial download of the app with no additional cost to use it. They will be asked to select which game they are watching and which team they support.

Jurgen Kreuz of hack-CARE told the Daily Mail that the app can handle one million fans with a delay of a tenth of a second to the stadium.

It’s already being tested by two Bundesliga clubs ahead of the potential return of German football by the end of May.

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