Remembering Nike's iconic 'Take It To The The Next Level' advert from 2008

One of the greatest sporting adverts of all-time!

Nike and great football adverts really do go hand in hand.

The multinational corporation have a knack for producing gold on camera and in 2008, they treated us to a visual masterpiece.

Legendary director Guy Ritchie was handed control of the project and his ‘Take it to the Next Level’ creation will always have football fans feeling nostalgic.

The footage gives fans a first-person look at the career of a young professional footballer. From banging in a worldie during Sunday League to playing in front of 80,000, Ritchie’s work will always rank as one of the greatest sporting adverts of all-time.

You can watch the full directors cut below.


Brilliant, isn’t it? Our fictional hero ends up getting scouted by Arsene Wenger after his Sunday League brilliance and is snapped up by Arsenal.

From there, he lives the high life off the pitch and on it, he comes face-to-face with some true legends while playing with the Gunners against the likes of Manchester United, Inter Milan and Barcelona.

Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ronaldinho all make brief but brilliant cameo appearances, while Cesc Fabregas and William Gallas crop up on numerous occasions to spur on our fictional Arsenal star.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the advert

The final scene sees our John Doe enter the hallowed turf of international football with Holland, facing off against Portugal to a capacity crowd.

Nike reliving every football lovers dream up on the big screen, you just cannot beat that.

It’s a shame that in recent years, great football adverts have been near enough impossible to come by. It feels like centuries since the halcyon days of Joga Bonito and Nike’s ‘Secret Tournament’!

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