A new edition of the Tony Hawk franchise is coming in 2020, according to a pro skater

  • Tom Kelly

Remember the hours upon hours of joy that the Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchises used to bring?

Well, gamers are about to be hit with an over-riding sense of nostalgia as a new instalment of the franchise is on its way, according to a pro skater. 

Within The Nine Club podcast with Chris Roberts, pro skater Jason Dill donned a shirtless attire with tattoos on display and went on to reveal the exciting news that many gamers were eager to hear. 

"Do you guys know that there is a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater coming out in 2020?" Dill said. 

The pro skater went on to reveal that his song will be featuring in the game, and also fans will be able to select Dill's personalised board within the latest Tony Hawk edition. 

Aside from Dill's confirmation, other avenues have suggested that a sixth instalment of the game is on its way. Sabi Wabii, a gaming journalist who is renowned for leaking trustworthy information, previously revealed that Activision had been sharing a prototype of Tony Hawk around their offices, which were reportedly rejuvenated versions of their first and second releases. 

Furthermore, punk band The Death Set revealed earlier this year that five of their songs have been licensed and will subsequently feature in the upcoming Tony Hawk game.

Lastly, much like Dill, fellow pro skater Lizzie Armanto seemingly spilt the beans that she was also involved in Activision's new project, as she told The Nine Club Podcast. 

The most recent Tony Hawk game, which was their fifth instalment, didn't replicate the raging successes to that of their first few editions. To both fans and critics, the game was considered a disappointment. 

"Glitch-ridden and seemingly unfinished, this is a tragic swansong for Tony Hawk's video game career," was Eurogamers critical review. 

Therefore, this poses the question whether Activision will decide to create an entirely brand new game or opt to remaster a previous model. What we do know, thanks to multiple different sources, that gamers will likely be able to attempt ridiculous tricks at some point in 2020. 

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