WWE news: Money In The Bank cash-ins have been ranked from worst to best


Over the years, there has been many iconic Money In The Bank cash-in moments, from the bad like Baron Corbin and Damien Sandow, to the absolute scenes caused by cash-ins like those of Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler.

WWE have ranked every cash in from worst to best on their website, although the article is from 2018, so it does not include Brock Lesnar, Bayley, Alexa Bliss or Braun Strowman’s cash-ins.

At the very bottom of the list is Baron Corbin, who since his failed attempt of a cash-in has come on leaps and bounds in WWE, becoming one of the top heels in the company and now dons a bald head Stone Cold Steve Austin would be proud of.

However, Corbin at the time cashed his MITB contract after disrupting a match between John Cena and champion at the time Jinder Mahal. By the time Jinder had reached his feet, Corbin had been distracted by Cena and the champion was able to roll up Corbin for the three count.

The next two entries on the list are also both failed cash in attempts, coming from John Cena and Damien Sandow.

Cena chose RAW 1,000 to cash in his contract against champion CM Punk, but his effort was denied by an interruption from Big Show, meaning Cena won the match by disqualification, but due to the champion’s advantage, CM Punk kept the title. Whilst Sandow outright lost his cash-in against Cena.

There are only two superstars in this list who have had two successful MITB cash-ins, the first of the two is CM Punk, with his cash-in for the world heavyweight championship in 2009 against Jeff Hardy placing lower out of his two wins in 15th place. Two places lower in 13th is Punk’s first cash-in against Edge, where the ‘Straight Edge’ superstar won his first world heavyweight title.

The only other superstar to do this is The Rated R Superstar himself.

Edge’s second cash-in places lower than his first in this list, coming in at 12th. In his second cash-in, Edge defeated The Undertaker to win the world heavyweight championship on an episode of SmackDown in 2007. Edge was also the first man ever to cash in the MITB contract after winning the first ever match for the contract. He cashed in on John Cena in 2006, winning his first ever WWE championship and places fifth in this list.

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The top three of the list are all standout moments in WWE history.

Coming in at third place is Dean Ambrose’s cash-in on Seth Rollins on the same night of winning the MITB contract. What was most notable about this win was that the three members of ‘The Shield’ had held WWE’s top championship that night.

Coming in second is Dolph Ziggler’s cash in on Alberto Del Rio the night after WrestleMania 29. The New Jersey crowd erupted as Ziggler made his way to the ring and watching it back still makes your hairs stand up.

At the top of the list, like it could be anybody else, is Seth Rollins, who stole the main event of WrestleMania 31 after running in on the championship match between Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

Rollins saw his opportunity and took it, pinning Reigns to win WWE’s top title in what Michael Cole called ‘the heist of the century.’

The list in full is as follows:

19. Baron Corbin (WWE Championship; 2017)


18. John Cena (WWE Championship; 2012)

17. Damien Sandow (World Heavyweight Championship; 2013)

16. Jack Swagger (World Heavyweight Championship; 2010)

15. CM Punk (World Heavyweight Championship; 2009)

14. Alberto Del Rio (WWE Championship; 2011)

13. CM Punk (World Heavyweight Championship; 2008)

12. Edge (World Heavyweight Championship; 2007)

11/10. TIE: Randy Orton (WWE Championship; 2013) and Sheamus (WWE World Heavyweight Championship; 2015)

9. Carmella (SmackDown Women’s Championship; 2018)

8. Daniel Bryan (World Heavyweight Championship; 2011)


7. Kane (World Heavyweight Championship; 2010)

6. Rob Van Dam (WWE Championship; 2006)

5. Edge (WWE Championship; 2006)

4. The Miz (WWE Championship; 2010)

3. Dean Ambrose (WWE World Heavyweight Championship; 2016)

2. Dolph Ziggler (World Heavyweight Championship; 2013)

1. Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Championship; 2015)

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