Arsenal fan argues that Alexandre Lacazette is a better striker than Roberto Firmino


Arsenal fans haven’t had much to cheer about during the 2019/20 season.

After essentially plummeting to the status of a mid-table team under Unai Emery, the Gunners have been picking up the pieces ever since and are now investing their faith in Mikel Arteta.

The rookie manager played at Emirates Stadium for five years, racking up 150 appearances, before learning his trade as a coach at Manchester City alongside the legendary Pep Guardiola.

In truth, it’s been a slow buildup for Arteta with a glut of Premier League draws preventing a ‘new manager bounce’ and heartbreak in the Europa League sparking more dismay at the club.

But three league wins on the bounce before the coronavirus pandemic had started to breed positivity, giving Arsenal fans hope that Arteta’s appointment will pay off in the long-term.

Arsenal fans getting excited?

However, Gooners shouldn’t get too excited too soon. Not only has the break in action potentially kneecapped their momentum, but they might run the risk of being ridiculed further down the line.

A select number of Arsenal fans have reached meme status on social media for their contributions – often their most infuriated ones – to the hugely popular AFTV.

Anybody who has clicked on viral videos of Gooners ranting and raving about Emery and Arsene Wenger will almost certainly have come across regular commentator ‘Troopz’.


Is Lacaztte better than Firmino???

The motor-mouthed Arsenal supporter has earned himself fans and detractors in equal measure for his slang-ladened analyses on each week’s performances.

But some of his recent comments on Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette might poke the hornet’s nest more than usual, particularly if you’re a Liverpool supporter.

That’s because ‘Troopz’ has made an appearance on 888Sport’s ‘Unpopular Opinion’ segment, sensationally arguing that Lacazette is a far superior player to Roberto Firmino. 

“My unpopular opinion is that Laca-bloodclaat-zette is 10 times the player than Firmino blud,” Troopz declared. “All Firmino has is veneers, blud.

“If it was having the best teeth, then Firmino wins, blud, you understand? Look at Lacazette, blud, you understand – the tekkers, the hairline, the swag.

“My man’s in dead Liverpool, blud. He’s probably stressed up there, blud. Brookside and dem ting there’s not even running no more, you get me? EastEnders ting, you already know, blud.

“They’re both underrated, but Laca-bloodclaat-zette is levels like. Firmino can’t come in dis ting, blud. I know you Liverpool man are gonna come for me now, but it is what it is, blud.” 


Surely not…

If you’ve torn your own hair out at those quotes, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

888Sport followed up the video with a poll where football fans could either vote for Lacazatte or Firmino and after 7,000 replies, an overwhelming 81% of people are backing the Liverpool man.

Plus, we can vouch for the fact that a majority of the 200 comments on the video are vehemently defending Firmino who, for the most part, we can confidently say is the better forward.

Aside from generally having scored more goals this season, we can all agree that Firmino brings a unique dynamic to Liverpool that has played a massive role in their Premier League charge. 

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He is, by all accounts, the most multi-talented number nine in world football right now.

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