Shannon Briggs wants tag-team boxing fight with Mike Tyson against Klitschko brothers or David Haye

Boxing at The O2 Arena

Every boxing fan in the world knows just how crazy Shannon Briggs is.

It’s easily forgotten just how lethal the heavyweight was in the ring during the prime of his career due to all the shenanigans away from it and ever since he stopped fighting professionally.

More recently he’s been training the likes of YouTuber Logan Paul for his boxing debut against fellow YouTuber KSI, but his iconic saying of ‘Let’s Go Champ’ is never too far away.

Now it seems that Briggs has a new idea for boxing, and it’s one he’s keen to push further after having talks with legend Mike Tyson about it.

Whilst on an Instagram Live, Briggs admitted that he wants to do a boxing tag-team match alongside Iron Mike, and he wants to fight against the Klitschko brothers Vitali and Wladimir. However, he added that if one of the Ukrainians doesn’t fancy it, then David Haye can step in.

Truly bizarre, right?

Well, on the idea, he said: “I talked to Mike [Tyson], we’re talking about it, if we can bring it into fruition then it’s a go.

We’re better all put in as a tag team, Mike Tyson and Shannon Briggs verses the Klitschko brothers, or David Haye, let him replace his brother.

“Tag team literally, you could tag them in like (you see in) wrestling.”

Boxing at The O2 Arena

Now at this stage we have no idea what the logistics of this fight would be, but it seems like it’s something Briggs wants to explore, and he’s clearly had this discussion already with Tyson.

It’s been well documented recently that the American heavyweight wants to return to the ring, with recent clips showing he hasn’t lost his pace or power. His body transformation has also been remarkable, showing that he could probably still handle himself inside the ropes.

However, a tag-team boxing fight probably isn’t what he and millions of boxing fans had in mind.

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