Boxing fans are debating who would win between prime Floyd Mayweather and prime Mike Tyson

  • Alex Batt
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Boxing fans love nothing more than having a good, old fashioned debate about the outcomes of dream fights.

Whether they are dream fights because the two boxers competed in different eras, or whether they are dream fights because they fought in different divisions, there's always a debate and a discussion to be had.

The latest fantasy fight being discussed on Twitter is between Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson.

Two of the biggest names in boxing and two of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots and don the gloves.

Of course, the first head scratching moment from this debate comes when you realise they aren't in the same division whatsoever, but the man who has posed the question adds that the two would be in the same category for the dream fight.

An account on Twitter under the alias of '@LordSizwe' simply posted: "Prime Floyd Mayweather VS Mike Tyson ??? Who you putting your money on? (same weight division)"

Putting two of the biggest names in world boxing in the same sentence is always bound to get engagement, so it's no surprise that this question received hundreds and hundreds of replies, with fans backing both fighters.

The man who posted the question himself went for Floyd, as he said: "No doubt, Mike is a beast with the uppercut, but Floyd's defence and conversion rate... I'd put my money on Floyd on points."

However, if you look in the replies of the tweet, there are plenty of people vouching for Iron Mike to get the job done, but there are also plenty of people backing Money as well.

It really seems that the question has left boxing fans torn right down the middle.

One user said: "They say Floyd is fast and good at defence, I say Mike could throw 8 combo punches in 3 seconds. Mike would obliterate Floyd's speed with one punch, not to mention that Mike was speedy himself."

Another backed Tyson by saying: "Tyson was a killer. Mayweather will mesmerise & mock before killing you. Tyson for sho will win."

However, one backed 'the boxer' to beat 'the slugger', saying: "Mayweather was/is a boxer, Tyson a slugger, I'm pretty sure we all saw with Wilder vs Fury and AJ vs Ruiz 2 that pure boxing wins any day."

Floyd Mayweather vs Demarcus Corley

Another said: "I’ll always pick Floyd, he was a very technical boxer, that will pull through in any fight. Unfortunately for me, Mike was 1 dimensional boxer, if you defend well 1st 3 rounds, you’ve won."

Someone even went as far as to say Mayweather would win 'easy', tweeting: "Floyd Mayweather would win easily (same weight) - Floyd has quick hands, he's fast, footwork is amazing, he has a strong chin (he can take punches) and at his prime he had power as well. Floyd is a complete boxer and his boxing IQ would demolish Mike Tyson."

So as you can tell from just a handful of replies to the question, boxing fans are torn on who would win.

Sadly for us all, it is only a dream scenario, and it'll remain that for the rest of time, but it certainly got us thinking.

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