Call of Duty: Warzone remove helicopters from the game after cheat discovered


If you are a big fan of ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ and love nothing more than flying around in a helicopter, you are about to be sorely disappointed.

Why you ask? Well, the game has recently had an update, and within that update it sees helicopters completely removed due to players discovering a cheat with the vehicles.

A Twitter user under the alias of ‘@Mother__Goose_’ tweeted about his frustrations of the helicopters in the game, and brought attention to the cheat that is being used.

He tweeted: “@JoeCecot Please fix this right now! There is a glitch in Warzone where you can fly a helicopter into the ground and you are invincible and you can shoot at people through the ground!”

In essence, gamers were discovering a little glitch that allowed them to jump into a helicopter and somehow get under the map.

Sounds confusing, we know, but that is basically what was happening. It was essentially a massive glitch in the game which made it easy for players to get kills.

The glitch when it came to helicopters basically meant players were able to somehow get underground, but to make matters worse, it made them completely invincible.

They couldn’t be hurt from above, but they could shoot any player they saw.

Of course, this little hack started off relatively small, and it wasn’t a major issue, but as word spread about the cheat and how to do it, more and more gamers were using it to get an advantage.

Due to this, makers of the game had to act, and they’ve decided to remove helicopters entirely.

Fear not, the vehicles will be back some time in the future, but for now, they have been totally removed.

It’s safe to assume people at Infinity Ward headquarters have removed them whilst they look into the glitch and look to get it fixed.

Helicopters will be back, and they’ll be back without the annoying hack.

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