Video of Andrew Robertson getting under his opponents' skin at Liverpool


Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson appeared on the latest episode of ‘That Peter Crouch Podcast’ this week.

The Scotsman, like every other Premier League footballer, has been forced to step away from the beautiful game amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but still found time to chat with the trio of Chris Stark, Tom Fordyce and Crouch himself.

And one of the more amusing topics to come up in conversation was the beloved word ‘s***housery’, something that is so often used in association with Robertson and some of his on-pitch antics.

The podcast hosted Countdown’s very own Susie Dent in the episode prior in order to discover the etymology of the phrase and how it has come to represent football’s so-called dark arts.

So, it only made sense for them to quiz Robertson on his cheeky methods of winding up rival players, which resulted in the Liverpool man reflecting on his clash with Lionel Messi.

Robertson on winding up Messi

One of the finest examples of the left-back being a ‘s***house’ – we mean it in the most positive of senses, we promise – came when he ruffled Messi’s hair after colliding with him in the famous 4-0 comeback.

According to the Mirror, the 26-year-old joked: “Me and Fabinho were both tracking him back, and we both ended up on the ground, and… yeah I just ruffled his hair a wee bit.

“He wasn’t too happy, but it’s something I wouldn’t do again that’s for sure! It’s a bit disrespectful to the best player that’s ever played this game.

“He was on the ground and I was on the ground, and I do regret it. But it’s something that everyone relates to me now, which isn’t the best!”


Compilation of Robertson’s s***housery

But as animated as Messi might have been at the time, the Barcelona superstar can find solace in the fact he isn’t alone because Robertson has used similar tricks on numerous players.

So, in celebration of Robertson being the entertaining ‘working-class hero’ he is, we couldn’t resist looking back on every time he’s channeled the ‘dark arts’ as a Liverpool player.

Conveniently, YouTuber ‘Clinical Reds’ has done the legwork for us with a superb compilation titled: ‘8 Times Andy Robertson Got Under His Opponents Skin’ to the tune of 1.3 million views.

You can enjoy the full extent of Robertson’s s***housery by watching the full video down below:

Ah, you love to see it.

The further we move on from the era of players like Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira with a more sanitised version of the Premier League, the more refreshing it is to see moments like those.

Sure, Robertson isn’t going to be named ‘gentleman of the year’ for his actions, but they’re the type of tactics that really endear a player to their fans for doing everything possible to win.

Plus, what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch. This doesn’t mean Robertson is in anyway a bad person, far from it, and how he began the story about Messi is testament to that fact. 


Real respect for Messi

The Scot recalled: “I think he knocked it by two of our midfielders early on in the Nou Camp, and he was running directly at me and I was like ‘oh right, this guy’s serious, f***ing hell! He’s coming at me now!

“The stuff he does with his feet are just frightening, you need to guess at times to defend against him. I remember he was at the byline at one point, and I thought ‘he’s just playing for a throw-in here, no problem…’

“But he’s like dinked it inside somehow, and off he went inside of the park, switched the play, and I was like… no other human can do that!”

Moral of the story: You can be a s***house and a nice person, too. Inspiring stuff.

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