The Bundesliga club that every type of football fan should support on May 16


Football fans around the world were delighted with the news of the Bundesliga’s return.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world, live sport has been forced to take a step back as appropriate measures are taken to prevent the spread of the respiratory pathogen.

As a result, supporters have been forced to trawl through throwback content to keep them entertained in the absence of new games, but there’s not much longer for them to wait.

That’s because the DFL confirmed on Thursday that the German top flight will be making a long-awaited return on May 16 with a series of biological controls in order to keep players and staff safe.

Rather excitingly, the Revierderby derby between Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke will be one of the first games to kick off, while champions Bayern Munich will return to action on May 17.

Bundesliga back in action

And with other major European leagues like the Premier League and La Liga still many weeks away from returning, the Bundesliga can expect more eyes on its game than usual.

We have absolutely no doubt that English fans, as well as supporters from further afield, will be looking to get their football fix by becoming unexpectedly invested in the German game.

We’ve already seen this trend on a smaller scale as Belorussian football bizarrely continues during the pandemic, but a top-five European league promises to attract far greater interest.


Which team should you support?

However, we appreciate that not every supporter in the world is a Bundesliga expert, so you might need a little more information to decide which club you’re going to focus on or even full-on support.

Thankfully for those of you fitting that criteria, talkSPORT have looked to address ‘every type of football supporter’ by marrying certain traits to the club that matches it the best.

So, brace yourself for a decision that could see you making weekly trips to Germany in a few year’s time or, more likely, just tide you over with football for the next few weeks – check out the list below:


Glory hunter: Bayern Munich

We ALL know a glory supporter and if you don’t, then it might be you.

Bayern boast a record-breaking 29 Bundesliga titles, including the last seven on the bounce, and are on course to make it 30 after entering the league’s hiatus with a four-point lead.

So, if you want almost-guaranteed glory, then you better get cheering on Serge Gnabry and co. when they resume their title defence against Hertha Berlin. 


The hipster: Union Berlin

Speaking of the German capital, that’s where your resident footballing hipster should offer their support, although they probably know that already if they’re a truly indie supporter. 

Their status as being the first top-flight team from the old East Berlin gives them a USP that hipsters love and their passionate supporters – who despise RB Leipzig – always rustle up a stellar atmosphere.

They’ve been dubbed ‘the Dulwich Hamlet of Germany’ for being ‘moral bastions’ of the division with their model example of fan-ownership and protection of long-standing traditions.


England fans: Borussia Dortmund

Look, some people just want to gorp at Jadon Sancho doing one million step-overs, we understand.

If you’re a diehard fan of the Three Lions, it makes sense for you to keep tabs on one of the country’s hottest prospects and especially when he has English-born Erling Haaland by his side.


The purist: Bayer Leverkusen

We all have a football-supporting friend who bows down to the throne of Pep Guardiola and can’t get enough of playing out from the back. Well, tell them to support Leverkusen.

Their average of 60 per cent possession can only be matched by, you guessed it, Bayern and 618 passes per match means they love to play football with a touch of flair.

Combine that with Kai Havertz’s status as one of the sport’s most exciting young players and Kevin Volland’s deft goal-scoring touch to get yourself a purist’s dream.

Bayer Leverkusen v Juventus: Group D - UEFA Champions League

The antagonist: Hoffenheim

Some people just want to p*** off their mates by supporting a club that nobody likes. 

Hoffenheim is definitely the team for them, having drawn death stares from half the country after their owner pumped so much money into the club to fast-track them from the fifth tier to the Bundesliga.

That very owner, Dietmar Hopp, was the subject of a derogatory banner from Bayern fans in March that caused the game to be suspended and oh-so nearly abandoned.


Thrill seekers: RB Leipzig

In all fairness, we were a little surprised to see Leipzig absent from the last category because, well, everybody hates how Red Bull have ploughed through the traditions of German football.

But… there can be no denying that their Timo Werner-lead side plays some of the most exciting football in Europe by getting the ball forward at every opportunity.

It’s just a shame that four draws in their six games means their chances of challenging Bayern for the title have dwindled. 


The scrappy underdogs: Paderborn

We all love an underdog and Paderborn have one of the best comeback stories of recent times.

Having gained promotion to the Bundesliga in 2014, they instantly went down and suffered two relegations, before working their way back from the third tier to the big time again.

Sadly, it looks as though they’ll be tumbling down the footballing pyramid imminently given their position in 20th place, but don’t write them off from bouncing back in style.


Football. Is. Coming.

Who did you wind up with? Are you a massive glory supporter or do you prefer to watch sexy football? We don’t judge here.

Getting behind a certain team is definitely a brilliant way of getting invested in games that would otherwise leave you nonplussed, especially if you feel a connection to that club’s philosophy.

But even if you unabashedly watch the Bundesliga as a casual supporter, they’ll still be plenty of thrills and spills with the likes of Roberto Lewandowski, Sancho and Werner in action. 


At the end of the day, though, we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that football can tick over safely in a world with coronavirus because it would be the perfect lift for so many people right now.

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