WWE news: Tour of 'Titan Towers' - where Money in the Bank matches take place this year

WWE HQ will host the Money in the Bank ladder matches

The Money in the Bank pay-per-view airs with a twist this Sunday.

For the first time ever, the ladder matches will take place at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

This year, Superstars will be climbing the 'corporate ladder' and participants must travel from the ground floor of the building, all the way to the roof.

It's there where the ring stands and two briefcases - with contracts for a world championship match -will be hanging above it. Sounds exciting, right?

With the coronavirus pandemic limiting what WWE can do, this seems like a good way to keep fans interested when they aren't allowed to attend events.

This year's Money in the Bank has added so much intrigue - not least because we're going to get a real look inside WWE HQ. 

Ahead of the pay-per-view, cameras were allowed into the building to give fans a sneak peek of what's to come. 

The headquarters - nicknamed 'Titan Towers' - is a 10-story building which includes a massive gym, cafeteria, executive board room and of course, Vince McMahon's office. 

The building includes a massive gym

There's also a games room with pinball machines and plenty of other cosy looking lounge areas for staff and Superstars to chill out. 

Expect Money in the Bank participants to be fighting their way through each of these rooms before reaching the roof. 

Check out the full tour from WWE below: 

In another exciting twist, both men's and women's ladder matches will happen simultaneously for the first time ever. 

That's going to add an extra level of intrigue - will we see some alliances formed, or maybe everything is going to break down... who knows?

One thing is clear though - it's going to be carnage. 

Sunday's match finishes on the roof

Oh, and WWE have been teasing the idea that someone will be thrown off the roof of WWE HQ during Sunday's match - so keep an eye out for that. 

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