WWE news: Roman Reigns reveals real reason he's absent but says he'll return 'very soon'

Reigns has revealed why he's absent from WWE

Roman Reigns has been absent from WWE since March, choosing to step away from the ring due to the coronavirus outbreak.  

While Vince McMahon continues to run shows through the pandemic, some talent have refused to risk their health for the company. 

Many assumed Reigns is staying away because he’s immunocompromised due to his leukaemia treatment – and therefore at greater risk to the virus.

But that isn’t the case. Speaking to TMZ, The Big Dog explained the real reason he’s staying away.  

“A lot of people, they think that it was based on my health and the history of my fight against leukaemia,” he said.

“But just talking to my doctors and stuff, I actually am fine and my immune system is good.”

Reigns explained that the drugs he takes to fight the illness do not attack his immune system and his doctor says he’s fine to compete, but the decision is more about protecting his children.

“We just had two newborn twins, twin boys. They’re 8 weeks old so I had to make a decision for them.” 

Reigns is happy to stay away for now

Reigns also admitted that he’s finding it difficult to sit and home and watch, rather than perform, but he believes he has an obligation to his family, himself and his community, to set an example. 

Although he’s still not set a date to return, The Big Dog did hint that ‘hopefully [it will be] very soon, but right now we’re in daddy mode.’ 

Check out the full video below: 

You’ve got to respect Roman for his decision. He’s putting family first and that’s absolutely the right thing to do in this situation. 

There’s no doubt he’s a big miss on WWE TV though – love him or hate him – he’s the top star and the sooner he’s back, the better.  

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