UFC 249 news: Tony Ferguson pushes away Justin Gaethje after fight

  • Alex Batt

UFC 249 will forever be remembered for one reason or another.

Whether it be because it was yet another time where Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov got cancelled, or whether it be for Justin Gaethje’s heroic performance against the former.

One way or another, UFC 249 on May 9 will be remembered.

Hopefully it is remembered for what did happen rather than what did not happen, and that’s the fact Gaethje truly dismantled Ferguson for the entirety of their fight.

Right from the opening bell it was all the underdog, who was landing blow after blow on his opponent. Although he was landing big shots, somehow Ferguson wasn’t really showing signs of it. He was still on his feet and he was just shaking them off… until the final round.

After being caught yet another time by Gaethje, it was all too much for Ferguson, who simply couldn’t defend himself any longer.

The referee stepped in and did what was right by waving off the fight and sending both competitors to their corner.

After enjoying the moment and basking in his glory, Gaethje did the classy thing by going over to check on his peer, before being rudely shoved away.

It’s understandable that Ferguson would’ve been frustrated at the time. He had just lost and had lost on his feet, something he would never want to do.

However, pushing Gaethje away was not the right thing to do, and in turn, the winner of the fight said to him, “being an a*****e gets you nowhere.”

Having said that, once everything had calmed down and Ferguson had let the loss sink in, he did show his respect to the victor, and the two shared an embrace inside the Octagon.

Right from the beginning of planning UFC 249, this event has been dramatic, so it’s only right that it ended in such a fashion.

Justin Gaethje vs Khabib Nurmagomedov next, anyone?

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