YouTuber trains for three months to run as fast as Kylian Mbappe


We fear for any defender when Kylian Mbappe is in full flight.

Data from French newspaper Le Figaro found the PSG forward is the fastest footballer in the world, clocking a top speed of 36km/h.

Mbappe’s blazing pace was on full display when France took on Argentina at the 2018 World Cup.

In the first half he surged from inside his own half into the Argentina box before being hauled down by Marcos Rojo, winning his side a penalty.

Mbappe sprinted 62 metres in 7.5 seconds, which is absurd.

A YouTuber has tested just how fast that is by attempting to match the Frenchman’s time over the same distance.

ChrisMD trained for three months, performing various exercises designed to increase speed including jump squats, nordic curls, kettlebell swings and barbell thrusts.

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Before all of the training, he clocked a time of 9.74 seconds over 62 metres, which is considerably slower than Mbappe.

Could he get anywhere close to Mbappe’s time after putting in the effort?


He does, however, reduce his time to 9.07 seconds.

And while Mbappe would still leave him in his dust, the whole experiment was rather interesting.

ChrisMD did his research and performed exercises designed to activate and mobilise his muscles.


He also realised how key the touches were. Kicking the ball straight would save him some valuable milliseconds.

The test quickly became less about actually beating Mbappe because that was unrealistic.

Instead, ChrisMD set about recording the best possible time he could and, on a wind-assisted day, he managed to shave 0.67 seconds off his time.

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