Brilliant video imagines how Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would play together

Real Madrid v Barcelona - La Liga

Football fans can only imagine what it would be like if Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo played together.

Unfortunately, the duo have been rivals instead of teammates, sharing a memorable duel in La Liga when Ronaldo played for Real Madrid.

However, a Twitter user has created a video that shows how Messi and Ronaldo would get on alongside each other.

Piecing together various clips of the two players, @ShamelessFC has made a quality video of the Barcelona ace ‘linking up’ with Ronaldo on the pitch.

The compilation has gone viral on Twitter and it’s left us dreaming of it actually happening.

Video of Messi and Ronaldo together:

It’s expertly done.

What’s clear is just how well suited Messi and Ronaldo’s styles are to each other.

Real Madrid v Barcelona - La Liga

Both are extremely intelligent players who occupy different positions on the pitch.

Messi could drop deep and pick out Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar could get a yard of space and find Messi.

We’d imagine that Ronaldo’s goals tally would remain ridiculously high while Messi would probably record plenty more assists.

It was clear at the 2019 UEFA awards ceremony that Messi and Ronaldo’s rivalry has cooled, with both offering some nice words about the other.

“It was nice to have Cristiano in La Liga, especially since he was at Real Madrid,” Messi said.

Ronaldo added: “We’ve shared the stage for 15 years, me and him. I don’t know if that’s ever happened in football, the same two guys, the same stage, all the time. It’s not easy.

“We have a good relationship. We’ve not had dinner together – yet – but I hope to in the future.”

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