WWE news: This year's Money in the Bank Ladder matches were absolute chaos

The ladder matches were insane

This year’s Money in the Bank PPV was billed to be the most unique in WWE history and it certainly didn’t disappoint. 

For the first time ever, Superstars were competing at WWE’s Global Headquarters – or ‘Titan Towers’. 

Their aim was to ‘climb the corporate ladder’ to earn a future world championship opportunity. 

Men and women competed simultaneously, working their way up from the ground floor of the building to the roof, where a ring and the briefcases were placed. 

As you can imagine, it was almost half an hour of absolute chaos from start to finish and perhaps the strangest match in pro wrestling history. 

It started with all Superstars making video game style entrances, standing side by side before starting to brawl in the gym and in the lobby of WWE HQ. 

They all made their way through each floor of the building, fighting in meeting rooms, the cafeteria and even Vince McMahon’s office. 

There were even cameos from some WWE legends, including Brother Love and Stephanie McMahon. Check out some of the best bits below: 

Eventually, all competitors made it to the roof, where the match concluded inside the ring.

It was still a crazy scenario, given the Superstars were wrestling on top of a 10-story building! 

Asuka won the women’s briefcase, while the men’s was unhooked by a combination of King Corbin and AJ Styles after Aleister Black was thrown off the roof. 

But it was Otis who won, as the briefcase fell into his hands in the final moment.  

Asuka and Otis won the match

Of course, this match was always going to be something unique, given the current coronavirus situation. 

Much like the cinematic style bouts at WrestleMania, Money in the Bank was very entertaining and the ladder matches went down well with fans. 

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