Remembering when Lionel Messi humiliated Royston Drenthe back in 2010

Barcelona v Hercules CF - La Liga

Lionel Messi doesn’t have too many rivals in football.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner is probably the greatest player to have ever played the game and everyone knows it.

You rarely see the Argentine get too ruffled during matches with opponents happy to give him the respect he deserves.

However, Messi certainly had his feathers ruffled when a certain Royston Drenthe rocked up at the Camp Nou back in 2010.

Drenthe was on loan at Hercules from Real Madrid when the newly-promoted side beat Barcelona 2-0 in their own backyard.

Drenthe certainly got under Messi’s skin as they were seen head-to-head in an angry exchange.

The Dutchman would later accuse Messi of being racist – something which Barcelona strongly denied.

Barcelona's Argentinian forward Lionel M

“I played against [Messi] many times and we always have problems with each other,” Drenthe said back in 2012, per BBC.

“You know what bothers me so? That tone with which he always says, ’n**ro, n**ro’. I understand that n**ro in South America is very common, but we cannot stand it.

“When Hercules played Barcelona, during the game I had a small altercation with him. He gave me a hand in the match and again said a few times, ‘hola n**ro.’”

Barcelona responded with: “We are sure that any accusations to the contrary are well wide of the mark.”

Barcelona v Hercules CF - La Liga

But during that match back in 2010, Messi was very disrespectful to Drenthe. We’re talking with the ball.

Drenthe attempted to produce some stepovers on the left wing but stood on the ball and stumbled.

That allowed Messi to pick up the ball before he was quickly closed down by Drenthe.

But Messi then produced an incredible piece of skill to get away from his opponent – and make him look incredibly silly in the process. He then chops inside in between two Hercules players – one of which being Drenthe – as he starts an attack.

The YouTube video titled: “Messi gives to Drenthe a private lesson on how to manipulate with the football” has been viewed three million times.

Reminder: never attempt to do skills in front of Lionel Messi because it’s only going to end badly for you.

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