Marcus Rashford named the Premier League's most overrated player on Twitter

  • Kobe Tong
Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League

Marcus Rashford is enjoying his greatest season at Manchester United so far.

It’s crazy to think it’s been half a decade since Rashford burst on to the scene with braces against FC Midtjylland and Arsenal, playing in a mightily impressive 201 United games ever since.

But in truth, the Englishman’s progress under Jose Mourinho’s management was static at best, gradually ticking over with about 12 goals a season and only showing brilliance in flashes.

Under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s gaze in 2019/20, though, Rashford has looked more experienced than players many years his senior and boasts a career-best 19 goals in 31 games.

There’s been a real sense that Rashford has transformed his game into a more ruthless goal-getting approach, a miniature version of Cristiano Ronaldo‘s progression, if you like.

Rashford’s progress at Man Utd

But any young player shining at Old Trafford is always going to be accused of being overrated and, well, supporters of the biggest clubs can be guilty of getting too excited too quickly.

Certainly before this season, there was a large contingent of rival fans who thought Rashford was overrated, noting how Tammy Abraham initially beat his best ever Premier League tally.

It goes without saying that Rashford’s success in 2019/20, prior to being ruled out with a back injury, has somewhat diminished this faction, but it seems as though some fans remain unconvinced.

Manchester United v Partizan: Group L - UEFA Europa League

Is Rashford overrated?

That’s because Twitter user @ballrespect has caused something of a storm – 7,800 ‘likes’ and 1,100 retweets, no less – by claiming that Rashford is the Premier League’s most overrated player.

Before you think it’s a Liverpool fan having a paddy, the supporter has, in their defence, drawn up 12 tweets in support of their opinion and some of the statistics are pretty damning.

You can check out the full Twitter thread down below to see whether you’ll be prescribing to the idea that Rashford isn’t deserving of all the recent hype:


GIVEMESPORT’s Kobe Tong says


Look, ok, @ballrespect is right in saying that we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves too quickly for the fact Rashford has broken his trend by having such a rich goal-scoring season.

But just because Rashford feels as though he’s some sort of veteran for being around for ‘so long’, lest we forget that he’s only 22 years old and improving at a far faster rate than you’d expect.

How many player have 200 appearances for United by his age? How many players are reaching 50 Premier League goals by his age? Rashford’s statistics must be put into perspective.


And while, yes, it’s easy to make him look silly by making comparisons to Kylian Mbappe, anyone who is contrasting the two need to revise their footballing knowledge. Which player is better goes without saying.

As for Rashford’s record in the Champions League, that’s more a result of the Red Devils floundering in the Premier League as opposed to him somehow bottling it in Europe.

So, sure, there is some substance to the points being made in the thread, but any claim that Rashford is overrated can only be the fault of those getting too excited and not the player himself.

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