WWE news: Vince McMahon performed dangerous spot himself during WrestleMania rehearsals

Vince proved the WrestleMania spot was safe by doing it himself

We’ve heard plenty of stories in the past that Vince McMahon is a hands-on boss. 

All you have to do is look back into the WWE archives and you’ll find him taking plenty of bumps back in the day. 

He’s now 74 years old and is still going strong backstage – even if we don’t see him so regularly on TV anymore. 

In fact, it seems McMahon is still showing everyone how it’s done behind-the-scenes, given a brilliant story has emerged from WrestleMania 36 rehearsals.

Rob Gronkowski won the 24/7 Championship at ‘Mania and was involved in a spot where he dived from a platform onto a large group of Superstars.

Fightful Select report that Gronk was nervous about doing the move beforehand, so Vince took it upon himself to show the NFL star it was really safe to execute. 

How exactly did he do that? By jumping off the platform himself.

The Fightful report claims those that watched had no idea it was going to happen and many were left asking ‘Did that just happen?!’ 

But the WWE CEO was apparently that most casual person in the building, saying  ‘not so bad, is it?’ after performing the spot. Here’s Gronkowski’s spot – for reference: 

Just a reminder, Vince is 74 and he’s showing a 30-year-old professional athlete how to do things!

The man is absolutely brilliant, but it’s just another day at the office for him.

While he was more than happy with that WrestleMania spot, it’s being reported that he had a bit of an issue with AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan brawling in his office during Money in the Bank.

Vince was involved in MITB

The ladder match took place at WWE HQ and the boss made a cameo appearance, hilariously screaming at Bryan and Styles to get out of the room when they took their fight inside. 

According to Paul Davis of WrestlingNewsCo, a creative idea was pitched to see McMahon’s office destroyed – much like the rest of the building was. 

But Vince himself vetoed the idea and watered it down to a short segment where everything was left untouched. 

McMahon didn't want his office trashed at MITB

He was apparently worried about damaging the dinosaur bones hanging on the wall! Still, McMahon’s cameo was well received by fans, even if his office wasn’t smashed up.

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