WWE news: 'The Mom' merchandise being sold by WWE following Becky Lynch's pregnancy

WWE have created some new merch

Becky Lynch has announced that she's expecting her first child.

The RAW Women's Champion made an emotional address to WWE fans on Monday night, revealing the news while vacating her title.

She handed her belt over to Asuka and told her to 'go and be a warrior' because she's 'going away to be a mother'. 

It was no doubt a very special moment for Becky, her fiancee Seth Rollins, and all those watching at home.

While Lynch may be stepping away from WWE for a while, that hasn't stopped the company cashing in on her news. 

Soon after the announcement, WWE Shop updated their website with new merchandise and they are now selling 'The Mom' t-shirts.

That, of course, is a play on Becky's very popular 'The Man' merch. 

Check out some images below:

WWE wasted no time printing shirts WWE have already come up with new merch

Is it right for WWE to be using the pregnancy of one of their top stars to sell more shirts? That's the debate that has taken over social media. 

Some fans are fine with it, pointing out that WWE is a business and their primary aim is to make money - and this is a smart way of doing it. 

Others weren't so impressed though. 

The new shirts have split opinion

"Vince will sell us anything," one tweeted, while another called the decision to sell 'The Mom' merchandise 'shameless'.

But, it seems Lynch herself is okay with it. She tweeted a link to the shop with the caption: "Can't even be mad at it cause I need formula money."

Lynch and Rollins will have plenty of time to save up before their baby arrives.

Rollins and Lynch have said their baby is due in December

Per The Sun, Becky only found out she was pregnant in April and her due date is in December. She's now on hiatus from WWE to prepare for the baby's arrival. 

Congratulations once again to 'The Mom' and Seth Rollins! 

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