Eddie Hall trains with professional gymnast in the hope of completing a backflip


Very low on the totem pole (or high beam, if you will) on people that you would expect to be able to perform a backflip is a winner of the World’s Strongest Man.

But that’s what has happened.

With the help of Olympic and Commonwealth medallist gymnast Nile Wilson, Eddie Hall – the 2017 World’s Strongest Man, no less – completed a backflip whilst appearing on Wilson’s YouTube vlogging channel.

Wilson, who has five Commonwealth gold medals to his name, collaborated with Hall who had a stranglehold on the prize of Britain’s Strongest Man for five successive years to complete the impressive feat.

Packed into a tight and fluorescent leotard, Hall was ready to go, albeit after some gymnastic exercises to limber him up and make him flexible.

After The Beast gained some semblance of flexibility, it was time to nail the backflip.

He did so with the assistance of gymnasts to help his rotation and then, finally on his own, got the flip into a foam pit.

Hall reached the pinnacle of strongman competition in 2017 when he claimed the world’s prize in Botswana.

The man, emanating from Newcastle-under-Lyme, topped his heat and also dominated in events such as the squat lift, the Viking press and the max deadlift to win the competition.

He beat out the Icelandic Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, better known as The Mountain, who appeared in a recurring role in Game of Thrones, by just a point.

Hall also has six UK’s Strongest Man titles to his name, winning the competition in successive years from 2011 to 2016.

Meanwhile, his trainer for the afternoon Nile Wilson has also been successful at world level.

Adding to his Commonwealth medals, Wilson starred in a British gymnast team that included Louis Smith and Max Whitlock.

After winning four medals at Glasgow 2014, Wilson also appeared in the silver medal-winning British side at the 2015 Worlds and won Olympic bronze on the Horizontal Bar at Rio in 2016.

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