Call Of Duty: Warzone players are hearing strange howling sounds


'Call of Duty: Warzone' gamers have been hearing unsettling and unexplained wolf sounds in certain parts of the Verdansk map.

There have been reports of the wolf sounds since mid-March where a Euro Gamer mentioned getting spooked by wolf howls in a review of the game.

They seem to be heard at the Dam, Quarry and Prison areas, which is three of the four corners of Verdansk.

This begs the question, are Activision, the makers of the game, planning something new for the Warzone gamers?

Many theories have already been discussed among the 'Call of Duty' community with some players thinking it could be signalling the impending arrival of zombies to the latest Battle Royale game in the franchise.

Others, however, believe that the eerie sounds could be an indication that Infinity Ward is about to open up the bunkers that have, up to this point, been sealed.

Indeed, the wolves actually appear as though they are howling in a concrete box, which suggest they are coming from the sealed bunker doors.

Finally, the sounds seem to be heard by players near the classified areas of the map. This leads to suggest that these sections of the map might be about to be opened up.

It certainly seems that Infinity Ward have not put the noises in for fun and it subsequently could be leading to a big announcement perhaps sooner rather than later?

What do you think? A warning indicating zombies are coming? Intriguing new areas to explore? Bunkers? Or something else…

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