Harry Redknapp reveals he wants to buy an English football club


Harry Redknapp’s managerial career appears to be over.

The Englishman was one of the best in the business during his spell as a manager.

However, he hasn’t been in the dugout since he was sacked by Birmingham City in 2017.

Redknapp may not be completely finished with football, though.

That’s because the 73-year-old has revealed he wants to buy an English football club when lockdown ends.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Peter Crouch podcast, he said: “When we come out of lockdown I would like to buy a football club.

“That is my ambition. At a lower level, League One, League Two, maybe National League. But someone with potential. I would love that, go on Saturdays on the coach.”

Redknapp also jokingly ruled out appointing Crouch as his manager.

“I don’t think I could afford Crouchy’s wages but maybe he could come in as manager!” He continued.

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“I’m not spending loads of dough. We’re working on a low budget. You need a manager who knows the league. An expert in that division. So that rules Crouchy out.”

It will be interesting to see if Redknapp has the same success running a club as he did managing it.

Redknapp also revealed how he persuaded Portsmouth to sign Crouch back in 2001.

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“Graham Rix was the manager at Pompey and I was director of football,” he said. “I don’t know what I was meant to be doing, it was the biggest waste of time ever that year.

“Anyway, Graham was pushing to sign Crouchy and I said to [chairman] Milan Mandaric ‘Pete’s a good player, he will do well for the club’. Milan said. ‘Do you really expect me to pay £1m for a basketball player? Are you crazy’.”

“He said, ‘if we sign him, it’s on your head. If he’s no good, you take the blame’. At the end of the year we sold him for about £5.5m to Aston Villa and Milan said, ‘I told you he was always going to be a player’.”

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