PlayStation 5 release date possibly revealed in new Sony job listing

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Since fully revealing the PlayStation 5 back in March, the world has been itching to hear an official release date from Sony.

So far, Sony has confirmed a painfully vague 'holiday 2020' launch window. Many people assume this means that it should come out in November, just like the PlayStation 4 did, just in time for Christmas. 

However, it has now been suggested that the PS5 could be releasing sooner than expected, possibly as early as October this year, based on a discovered Japanese job listing. 

The job application was first spotted by Twitter user Nibel, seemingly a QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) position at Sony's headquarters. The translated description explains that the role involves the "trial purchasing of PlayStation hardware products" on top of selecting "the best suppliers from domestic and overseas parts partners."

While it sounds like a great job, the most interesting part of the description is nothing to do with the position at all. It seemingly reveals that the PlayStation 5 is currently "scheduled to be released in October 2020."

There are currently rumours doing the rounds which say that Sony will be fully unveiling the PS5 along with precise details on games and console pricing later this month, or early June. Perhaps an October release date doesn't seem so soon, if this is true.

This certainly seems like a tactical release date from Sony, as it gives potential buyers a few months of income before Christmas comes around, hopefully enough time to save up for what is likely to be a pricey machine.

While PS5 is apparently on schedule to hit its intended launch window, it has been warned by some analysts that it isn't going to launch at the price which Sony intended for it to. 

Bloomberg is reporting that higher-than-expected manufacturing costs, as well as the massive economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, could mean that the PS5 will end up costing anywhere between $499 to $549, or £400 to £440.

As usual, though, prices aren't usually a straight conversion, so Brits can expect to pay more than our American counterparts.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed for the PS5's main rival the Xbox Series X either, so it will be interesting to see how the two devices compare on the financial front once all is revealed.

It is worth noting that Sony have since tried to claim this job listing was a mistake, but it seems like they are just trying to save face from the accidental leak.

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