WWE news: John Cena accused of stealing WWE storylines and pitches

Cena has been accused of stealing storylines

John Cena has been accused of stealing pitches and storylines by a former WWE Superstar.

Tyler Reks, who had a short stint on the main roster between 2009 and 2012, has claimed he and Curt Hawkins once shared a 'great angle' with the 16-time world champion. 

Their idea was to be 'fired' from WWE but then keep finding ways to sneak back into the arena to get attention.

Cena apparently told the pair he loved the idea and wanted them to put it on a DVD so he could take the idea to Vince McMahon. 

That's exactly what they did, but one week later, The Miz and R-Truth ended up with the storyline that Reks and Hawkins pitched for themselves. 

Sounds pretty crazy, right? Check out the full story of how it went down - according to Reks - below: 

"We went to talk with him and John had a great conversation with us. He’s like, ‘this is a killer idea, man'," the former WWE Superstar told The Lewis Nicholls Show, per Ringside News.

"So we go to the promo room and we cut a few promos and outline what we wanted to do. We get it all done in a night.

"[Cena] is like 'do you have the DVD?' He takes the DVD and he goes, 'I'm on the jet with Vince tonight and we’re gonna talk about it.' 

Cena pitched the idea to Vince McMahon

"The next week we see John and ask how did it go and he said, 'it went pretty good let’s see what happens.' Guess who got fired the next week on RAW? It was Miz and Truth."

Understandably, Reks and Hawkins were pretty upset, so they confronted Cena about the storyline, but he denied 'screwing' them.  

"We went to John and said 'this is a lot like what we just put on a DVD. Did we just get screwed?' He said, 'Naw, naw, naw, naw this is something totally different.'

"Okay, so this looks like the storyline that we just pitched that nobody’s ever done so it’s not gonna be as cool when we do it."  

Reks and Hawkins confronted Cena about the storyline

Eventually, Cena did apparently admit he stole the idea. 

"The next week that storyline progressed and it was basically what we pitched, but with Miz and Truth with John as they guy they jump at the end.

"We had a term that we used: 'Being Burchilled' - because Paul Burchill would pitch stuff all the time and creative would take it and use it for someone else.

"At one point we just asked Cena 'are we being Burchilled?' and he’s like, 'yeah, you did.' Blatantly telling us that he stole our stuff and used it and left us at the bottom." 

Cena finally admitted to stealing the pitch

Of course, it's important to remember this is just Reks' side of the story. Cena's version of events could be completely different. 

But it's certainly not a story that paints the WWE legend in a good light.  

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