WWE news: Naming and ranking the 20 most shocking moments in history: 20-11

WWE has been full of shocking moments

Anything can happen in WWE.

It’s something that is often repeated and yet, sometimes, it just doesn’t feel that way.

There are superstars that are pushed all the way to the top – we’re looking at you, Roman – while others are left scrambling to get a foot on the ladder.

But sometimes, just sometimes, there are some genuinely shocking moments that occur in the world of professional wrestling.

Here are some of the most shocking moments in the recent history of the WWE. In part one, we're ranking 20-11, while part two will count down the top 10. 

20) A child wins the tag team titles

Wrestlemania 34 was a two-match card.

Bar Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle taking Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to their limits, the only other match that delivered was the opener, as Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and The Miz went to war over the Intercontinental Championship.

Later on in the show, Braun Strowman picked out Nicholas – John Cone’s son, a literal child – from the crowd, had him on the apron, shaking in fear, as he powerslammed The Bar into the middle of next week.

They won, it was a nice moment, The Bar were somewhat buried and the Raw tag titles looked like a joke. Well done, WWE, well done.

Nicholas - a child - won the tag team championships

19) Otis wins Money in the Bank

This was a weird one but, on top of Titan Towers, Otis Dozovic became Mr. Money in the Bank.

That means he could well have a WWE Championship or a Universal Championship shot or, potentially, a shot at the tag team titles with his partner Tucker Knight.

We have to see how it pans out but, still, with the likes of AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and Aleister Black in the match, this felt like a swerve for swerve’s sake.

Otis won MITB in 2020

18) Women main event WrestleMania 35

Think back to the 1990s, when women were divas, and the matches lasted two minutes at a push.

Who could have foreseen that Becky Lynch would become the hottest star in the business and ultimately beat both Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in an epic triple threat match?

This one will have been a shock, but the positive ripples will hopefully be felt for some time to come.

Lynch, Flair and Rousey main-event WM35

17) Dolph Ziggler cashes in

Back when Ziggler was a huge mid-card star just waiting to break out, he won the Money in the Bank and cashed in on Alberto Del Rio.

He held the belt for 69 days – no great shakes of a reign – but this was a huge surprise on the Raw after WrestleMania 29, and led to one of the most deafening pops in the modern era.

Ziggler cashed in his MITB to a huge pop

16) Brock Lesnar squashes John Cena

If one word can describe Lesnar’s match with Cena at SummerSlam 2014 it’s this: Brutal.

Lesnar dominated his opponent, gave him 16 German suplexes, and won the WWE Championship following his return.

This was a reminder that Lesnar is a legitimate tough guy and a genuine star – nobody expected Cena to be fed to him to prove it, though.

Lesnar's beatdown of Cena was brutal

15) Charlotte beats Asuka

Asuka was built up as a mega star during her time in NXT, going undefeated, so when she won the Royal Rumble, she seemed set for a coronation at WrestleMania against Charlotte.

Instead, WWE stuck with the old guard, had Flair go over, and Asuka’s streak was ended on the grandest stage of them all.

It was a shocking moment, and one that took Asuka some time to recover from.

Flair went over Asuka at WrestleMania

14) Triple H beats Booker T

This is still uncomfortable.

Triple H and Booker T engaged in a feud before WrestleMania 19 over the world championship.

The feud had a number of racial undertones that make it difficult to go back to and HHH won in unforgivable fashion.

He hit Booker with a Pedigree, they both laid on the canvas for 30 seconds, and then Triple H covered him for the win. That icky feeling in your stomach is understandable.

The Triple H/Booker T feud was one to forget

13) Goldberg squashes Lesnar

If Lesnar squashing Cena was a shock, this was a level above.

The two went into a hoss-fight at Survivor Series 2016 but Brock didn’t have a single piece of offence in the match.

Two spears, a jackhammer, and Goldberg had a three count. The jury remains out on whether this was worth it.

Lesnar was squashed by Goldberg in 2016

12) Brock and Big Show collapse the ring

Big Show is an underrated big man but his feud with Brock Lesnar led to something no wrestling fan would have expected: They collapsed the ring.

On a relatively nondescript Smackdown in 2003, Brock went for a superplex and the ring broke. Fans went wild, and while it has been repeated since, it has never been better than that first time.

The ring collapsing was iconic

11) Ciampa turns on Gargano

The copyright logo was on the screen!

After NXT Takeover Chicago, in which the main event had seen DIY lose a classic to the Authors of Pain, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano took a bow from the crowd.

Ciampa then turned to Gargano and said: “This was our moment… now, this is my moment.” He sent Gargano into the stage and gave him a brutal aeroplane drop off the announce table.

It was a brilliant heel turn, and the feud afterwards wasn’t bad either. 

Ciampa turned on Gargano in NXT

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