David Haye struggles to put Mike Tyson in top five greatest heavyweights of all time

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David Haye has astonishingly said that Mike Tyson does not deserve a place in the top five fighters of all time.

The former world heavyweight champion joined Mike Costello and Steve Bunce on their BBC podcast ‘Greatest Fights’.

As the trio watched back Tyson’s famous 1988 fight against Michael Spinks, Haye questioned the 53-year-old’s worthiness to be ranked among the greats.

The bout saw Tyson beat Spinks in a staggering 91-second ring appearance that has gone down in history, however, it's not enough for Haye to put Tyson in the top five greatest heavyweights of all time.

“How many fights has he had where he was behind on points, where he got put down, hurt, and came back? That’s the question,” Haye said.

“I haven’t seen him get through many problems, ever. There was never a fight that I remember where Tyson was having some problems and brought it back round - the moment he started to lose or it get tough, it went the other way.

“Many fighters have had tough fights where they’ve been on the brink of losing and found a way, I haven’t seen that with Tyson.”

Haye added: “I find it hard to say someone is in the top five of all time if they have never had a fight which they was losing to come back to win.

“You can’t be an on-top fighter and win all the fights you’ve won, and never really suffer punishment and pain and come back to win.”


Tyson’s boxing record makes him stand among the boxing greats of all time.

The 53-year-old reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion and became the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at the age of 20.

He defended his titles nine times, including victories over Larry Holmes and Frank Bruno, and won 44 of his 50 victories by knockout.

Tyson’s controversial career inside and outside the ring came to an end when he retired in 2005.

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