Call of Duty: Warzone squad absolutely smash kill record


Quite possibly the greatest ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ players have been discovered.

The game has become an increasingly popular way of spending our newly found time during the coronavirus pandemic, but one particular squad has set a huge standard in the Battle Royale.

As friends unite to get the occasional win - and, with some, the odd kill - we must accept that we will never be as good as some players.

Over 60 million people have been playing the game, but 'Call of Duty' pro players Priestahh, Cellium, Deleo and Jukeyz have filled that exact position as quite possibly the greatest to grace the video game.

The quartet teamed up and dominated a game of Quads with absolutely no mercy for their opposition.

Not only did they win, comfortably, they smashed Warzone’s kill record for the four-player mode.

They obtained 113 kills among them - there were only 150 players in the game, including themselves.

Priestahh shared the breaking news on his Twitter page and also shared 12-minute-long highlights on his YouTube channel.

It is important to remember that these are pros who will have dropped into a game with, most likely, no one that matches their standard. But even so, it is an amazing record to set.

The previous 'Warzone' squads record was a mere 78, which the pros smashed comprehensively.

It is unlikely we’ll ever see that record broken; it would have to be a miracle in order for a squad to do so.

In other 'Warzone' news, players are hearing strange howling wolf noises across various parts of the map.

Their locations are in three of the map’s four edges and all near mysteriously locked bunkers around Verdansk.

No comment has been made about what this actually means, but some people believe this is an indication for a potential underground map that may be opening in the near future.

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