WWE news: Five under-appreciated Superstars who desperately need a push in 2020

Shorty G is one who needs a push

WWE have their guys.

The likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar are always likely to be in the main event of particular shows, as are Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and, should she return, Ronda Rousey. 

But what about the other superstars, particularly those who tend to flail within the midcard, desperately trying to reach that imaginary brass ring? 

Of course, the internet was made for the very purpose of telling your Twitter followers who you think should be pushed by Vince McMahon and sometimes those cries actually work. 

Think of Kofi Kingston's run to the WWE title, the Yes Movement, the groundswell of support for CM Punk. It can happen. 

So here are the five superstars who desperately need a little bit of love and attention from the boss man!

5) Timothy Thatcher

Thatcher is new to NXT but he's absolutely brilliant. 

Across his superb run in the independent promotions in Europe - particularly in Evolve, where he is the longest-reigning champion in history - he notched up some superb matches, warring with the likes of WALTER and Zack Sabre Jr. 

Thatcher could do with a push

He is a master when it comes to technical wrestling and is a superb striker too, offering a unique blend of styles that WWE would do well to capitalise on. 

He has tagged with Matt Riddle in the absence of Pete Dunne in NXT but this is a guy who can go to the very top. 

He should be in the NXT Championship picture sooner rather than later. 

Thatcher has been tagging with Riddle

4) Cesaro

It's almost a running joke by this stage. 

We all know how good Cesaro is and we all know that he probably should be a multiple-time world champion at this stage. Corey Graves reminds us of this on commentary every week. 

Yet he continues to flounder, only ever really flirting with the Intercontinental Championship and never getting anywhere near the WWE Championship or the Universal Championship. 

It's time that changed. He's a phenomenal performer, a freakish athlete, he's over, and the fans will go with him if he's pushed. Pull the trigger, Vince! 

Cesaro is in desperate need of a push

3) Big E

Okay, okay, okay. Yes, Big E is one of the most successful tag team wrestlers of all time, given his continuing brilliance in The New Day. 

But Kofi broke out and won the WWE Championship so, honestly, why not E? 

He's got the athleticism, the charisma, he's phenomenal on the mic and he has the explosive moveset needed to have a major hoss-fight. 

Big E deserves a singles run

Big E vs Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre or Brock Lesnar is money and, right now, it's being left on the table. 

Indeed, potentially turning him heel and allowing him to split from New Day and go and do his own thing would light a fire under his character and could see him skyrocket from tag team wrestler to world champion. 

It's time. 

Is it time to push Big E?

2) Kushida

Remember Kushida? 

The time-travelling, hard-kicking, former six-time IWJP Junior Heavyweight Champion has been lost in the shuffle in NXT for too long. 

He's yet to have a proper programme, yet he's genuinely phenomenal. 

Kushida has been lost in NXT for too long

During his time in Japan, he had barn-burners with the likes of Will Ospreay, Hiromu Takahashi, Bushi and Marty Scurll, proving his ability as one of the best professional wrestlers in the world.

He could potentially be the next Rey Mysterio - a brilliant, high-flying cruiserweight who can mix it with the biggest and the best - but he's being wasted currently. 

He needs a push and a proper programme to go with it. 

Kushida needs a proper programme in NXT

1) Shorty G

Shorty G. Just typing the name feels wrong. 

Chad Gable, after all, is perhaps the single most athletically gifted wrestler on the main roster. 

He's 5'8, sure, and that might hold him back in the eyes of Vince, but he's so brilliant it shouldn't matter.

Shorty G has been held back by WWE

He can suplex with the best of them, has cardio for days, was the best part of American Alpha and is, well, he's basically the second coming of Kurt Angle. 

That WWE can't see it is baffling and infuriating at the same time. Gable, at the end of the day, should be in the main event, wrestling the likes of AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan and Drew McIntyre.

He shouldn't be floundering in brightly-coloured basketball shirts for the sake of a rubbish gimmick. The quicker he gets a push, the better. 

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