WWE news: Ranking the 20 most shocking moments in history: 10-1

CM Punk features on the list

Anything really can happen in WWE!

GIVEMESPORT began to rank the 20 most shocking moments in history here, and Saturday sees the countdown continue from 10 to 1.

We’ve gone through the likes of Nicholas winning the RAW Tag Team Titles, Brock Lesnar squashing John Cena and Tommaso Ciampa turning on Johnny Gargano.

But we’re about to step it up a level.

Here are the 10 most shocking moments in WWE history. Strap in! 

10) Shane McMahon buys WCW

The Invasion was a fans’ dream and, while it didn’t exactly work out that way, there was genuine excitement when Vince McMahon bought his competition.

The dream match possibilities were endless.

And then, on a simulcast that saw Raw airing alongside WCW Nitro, Shane McMahon appeared on the titantron and told his father that he had purchased his competition, and was plotting his downfall.

The Invasion may have flopped but the start of the angle was dynamite.

Shane and Vince were involved in a massive storyline

9) Eric Bischoff in WWE

Talking about WCW, Eric Bischoff had spent the best past of the 1990s trying to tear down the empire that WWE had built.

He nearly did it too, beating them in the ratings repeatedly, and building the NWO up as the coolest faction in wrestling history.

That he was allowed to come back to WWE, then, would have been a shock in itself; that he was made Raw General Manager, and sealed it with a bear hug from Vince, was genuinely astonishing.

Bischoff made a shock return to WWE

8) Jinder Mahal wins the WWE Championship

We have nothing against Jinder Mahal. He works hard, he’s ripped, he’s put the time in. But Mahal as WWE Champion simply didn’t work.

At Backlash in 2017, Mahal pinned Randy Orton to begin a slow, plodding heel run as champion.

The idea was to expand into the Indian market; maybe Mahal should have been a good guy if that was the case, but WWE didn’t do logic at that point, as evidenced by this decision.

Mahal had a surprising run as WWE Champion

7) CM Punk’s pipebomb

This brought fans back to the product.

CM Punk, with John Cena lying prone in the ring, broke the fourth wall, ran down Vince McMahon, said hello to Colt Cabana, and admitted it “made him sick” that he wasn’t in the WrestleMania main event but The Rock was.

It was an all-time promo and a genuine shock that he was allowed to say what so many fans were thinking.

Punk's Pipebomb was iconic

6) CM Punk wins at Money in the Bank

In the only five-star match on the main roster this decade, according to Dave Meltzer, Punk beat Cena in a classic at Money in the Bank in 2011.

With his contract expiring, he won the championship and left through the crowd, going who knows where?

WWE suddenly had the hottest angle in all of wrestling and they could have done gangbusters business.

Punk could have defended the belt all over the world but, instead, he came back within a month, before entering a head-spinning angle with Kevin Nash.

Still, as matches go, allowing the brilliant rebel to top the company man led to an earthquake in support for Punk.

Punk leaving WWE send shockwaves through the pro wrestling world

5) Steve Austin walks

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Brock Lesnar is a dream match for the ages.

WWE wanted to do it on free television, though, and have Austin do the job; he was less than impressed, and he walked away.

Vince McMahon said he 'took his ball and went home'. The biggest star in the business had left WWE in the lurch and it hasn’t happened since.

Steve Austin walked away from WWE to the shock of many

4) Stone Cold's heel turn

The Attitude Era ended, properly, at WrestleMania X-Seven.

Austin, cheered like a hero in the main event against The Rock, did a deal with the devil, shaking Vince’s hand and accepting a chair from him.

He proceeded to go to town on Rock, smashing that chair off his back again, and again, and again, before picking up the three-count.

Still, fans refused to boo, but this was a staggering moment as the sun set on one of the most popular eras in professional wrestling.

Stone Cold's heel turn ended the Attitude Era

3) Undertaker vs Mankind's Hell in a Cell

Oh, Mick, why do you hate your body?

This Hell in a Cell match may well be the most brutal encounter in WWE history, as he was thrown off the side of the cell in a genuinely iconic moment.

But the horrific bump came when Mick Foley fell through the cell, into the ring, leaving a crater, and sending one of his teeth into his nose. He legitimately could have died.

That he remains alive and semi-active within the wrestling scene is a miracle.

The most shocking image in WWE history

2) The Montreal Screwjob

You know the story. Vince wanted the belt off Bret Hart, who didn’t want to lose to Shawn Michaels.

So a plan was concocted – it depends on your viewpoint as to who was to blame – and Michaels beat Hart with his own sharpshooter in his hometown, as referee Earl Hebner called for the bell as soon as the move was locked in.

Bret spat on Vince, motioned the letters 'WCW' on screen, and later punched Vince in the eye backstage. He moved companies, and Vince became perhaps the best heel the business has ever seen.

The Screwjob is one of the most infamous moments in history

1) The Streak ends

It was never meant to end. The Undertaker’s streak had become so iconic at WrestleMania that it was part of the furniture. Then Brock Lesnar came along at 'Mania 30.

Taker says he still doesn’t remember a thing about the match, as he suffered a concussion, but Lesnar hit three F5’s and pinned him, bringing an end to the streak and leaving fans genuinely bereft.

They would be lifted by Daniel Bryan’s World Heavyweight Championship triumph later in the night but, still… this stands alone as the most shocking moment in WWE history. 

The streak came to a shocking end at WM30

From CM Punk dropping Pipebombs on RAW, to Undertaker's WrestleMania streak ending against Brock Lesnar, there have been some truly shocking moments in WWE.

That's why we love professional wrestling though. Always expect the unexpected! Especially when Vince McMahon is involved...

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