WWE news: Mandy Rose pitched lesbian angle between her and Sonya Deville


Mandy Rose is in the midst of what is perhaps her biggest push yet in WWE after becoming involved in a storyline featuring Money In The Bank winner Otis and her former tag-team partner Sonya Deville.

What you might not be aware of, however, is that Rose personally pitched the storyline idea to Vince McMahon, and it's not the first time she's sent ideas the chairman's way.

The almost beauty and the beast angle between Otis and Rose made a lovely WrestleMania moment and fully deserved to be received by a packed-out stadium audience celebrating the moment. Sadly, though, due to the coronavirus, it all happened behind closed doors.

It is clear to see that Rose has a clear understanding of what the WWE Universe wants to see from her character and that she knows how to push herself forward in the business.

However, this is not the first time that Rose has pitched an idea for a storyline involving herself.

When Liv Morgan made her return to Monday Night RAW last year, she seemed to be taking on an angle portraying her as a lesbian, which Rose and Deville both publicly commented on. Of course, this angle didn't last long, but it was something that had annoyed 'Fire and Desire' at the time.

Why did it annoy them so much? Well, did you know that the pair pitched an idea of a lesbian angle between them back in NXT?

Whilst speaking to talkSPORT, Rose revealed that the reports suggesting the pair had pitched the idea were correct.


“Yeah (the lesbian angle) was definitely an idea that we pitched ourselves, it was actually a while ago during our NXT days we thought about that. But, you know, things happen. Things change. Might be suited better for other people, whatever it may be.”

WWE is known for its storylines pushing the boundaries and it’s surprising that this idea was turned down by the NXT team.

Triple H, who was involved with many controversial storylines back in his WWE glory days, must have felt the angle wasn't right for the pair.

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