Nick Kyrgios believes Andy Murray is a better tennis player than Novak Djokovic


Nick Kyrgios has stated that he believes when it comes to Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, the Scotsman is the better player.

He admitted to this whilst on an Instagram Live chat with Murray, with the Brit replying by saying, “results would suggest otherwise.”

It is already well known that the pair are on very good terms on tour due to their close friendship, but the live chat between the two was a very entertaining, and bizarre at times, watch, as can be expected with Kyrgios being involved.

Kyrgios proceeded to tell Murray that he is “one of the good ones” whilst drinking red wine, with the former world number one left looking rather confused and a bit awkward at times.

The Aussie then followed this up by saying he believes Murray should have “one of the best careers ever.”

Kyrgios then made his point on why he thinks Murray is better than Djokovic, stating: "I think you are better than Djokovic.

"Djokovic was playing dodgeball on my serve and you were slapping it for a winner. He was trying to dodge it; you were on it like a light."

As mentioned before, Murray replied saying results between the two would show otherwise, with the head-to-head record between the two currently standing at 25-11 in favour of Djokovic. The Serb also has 17 Grand Slams to his name, whilst Murray has just three.

Kyrgios continued to show his admiration for Murray, saying that he is better than tennis’ current top three ranked players.

Kyrgios also asked Murray to help him give what tennis fans have been asking for and form a doubles partnership, which would be an awesome spectacle to see.

The two-time Wimbledon champion also shared that he will return to tour when the ATP tour resumes from its break due to coronavirus.

The Aussie took to Twitter after the call pleading for any of the top three to join him next time for an “open and honest” chat.

Come on, Rafa... we all want to see that!

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