Eddie Hall sparred with Tyson Fury's cousin, Hughie, on camera in 2017

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Eddie Hall Attempts Record-Breaking Dead Lift Photocall

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall is preparing to contest the heaviest boxing match in history next year.

The winner of the 2017 World's Strongest Man competition has verbally agreed to fight Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson after their feud intensified during lockdown.

Bjornsson, famous for his role in the hit HBO television show, claimed to have broken Hall's deadlift world record by lifting a staggering 501 kilograms at his home gym.

And it was an achievement that proved the catalyst for Hall calling out his former competitor, stating that Bjornsson's claims that he cheated at the 2017 WSM were his motivation to fight.

“And you know why I’m going to sign those papers… it’s not the money, it’s not the dead lift feud we’ve got going on, nothing to do with that," the Englishman explained.

'The Mountain' vs 'The Beast'

“It’s because you called me a cheat at World’s Strongest Man 2017. I can’t put that to bed, I can’t forget it. People may forget it, but you’ve never apologised.

“You think you should’ve won that year, regardless of the trophies or not, and you let people know that.”

Since then, it's been announced on Bjornsson's Instagram page that the fight between the World's Strongest Man winners will take place in Las Vegas in September 2021.

Eddie Hall sparring Hughie Fury

The news has prompted fans interested in the bout to dig into both men's history with boxing and it's transpired that Hall has pulled on the gloves multiple times - and with footage to prove it.

Highlights of Hall contesting a charity boxing match - which he lost on points - in 2012 went viral a few weeks ago, but it's less known that the 32-year-old has shared the ring with a professional.

That's because Hall exchanged leather with Tyson Fury's cousin, Hughie, during the build-up to his unsuccessful shot at Joseph Parker's WBO heavyweight title in 2017.

Fury weighed in at 245 pounds before that particular bout, which is more than 100 pounds lighter than Hall the following year, but the gulf in boxing ability was clear to see.

You can check out their one minute in the ring down below: 

Credit to Hall for chancing his arm 

Yeh... Hall isn't exactly Muhammad Ali.

Ok, we're not criticising here, because it's to be applauded that Hall even set foot in the ring with a heavyweight title challenger and is willing to do so with a six foot, nine inch weightlifter.

That being said, the ease with which Fury dodged punches from arms that can lift 500 kilograms shows that Hall will have to hone his offensive skills before next September rolls around. 

Hall told LadBible: "I had a sparring bout with his cousin, Hughie Fury, and he only hit me two or three times within a minute and I wanted to get the fuck out of the ring. 

Scott Quigg & Jono Carroll Press Conference

"When you go up against a pro boxer, even getting hit with a slight jab is like being hit full on in the face by a normal person."

Fair play to you, Eddie, you've got a lot bigger muscles and bottle than we do!

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