WWE news: The Rock reveals his career high and low in wrestling

Rock named 1997 as his career low

The Rock has revealed his career highs and lows in WWE. 

Speaking during another Q&A with fans on Instagram, The Great One revealed that his low – suffered within six months of his debut – led to his high. 

“My low started within about six months of my coming into the WWE,” The Rock admitted on Instagram, per Wrestling Inc.

“I came in like a bat out of hell. I mean I came in like a runaway train rolling down that track. I was this young rookie, babyface, fresh out of the University of Miami. I was brash, talking s***.” 

“So it was my very first night in the company, Survivor Series. I win the whole thing at Madison Square Garden. I got 22,000 people chanting, ‘Rocky. Rocky.’

“I was on a high, it was like a dream because I could not believe what was happening. I was so grateful. It was so humbling.”

“A few months later, the company decides they were gonna make me Intercontinental Champion. That’s how much I was getting over, ascending in the world of professional wrestling.” 

However, this all came at the time when the world of wrestling was shifting. It was the beginning of the Attitude Era. 

Rocky held the Intercontinental title early on

Fans didn’t want tradition – something Rocky Maivia encapsulated – they wanted anti-authority. They wanted Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

“I represented everything, at that time, that was wrong with pro wrestling, and the fans turned on me. They started chanting, ‘Rocky sucks,’ at every arena that I went to.

“Now imagine, at every arena that I went to they chanted, ‘Rocky sucks,’ and it was hard for me, as you can imagine psychologically, but also hard as a company.

Rocky Maivia was a flop in WWE

“The company’s scrambling like, ‘what do we do?’ They’ve never seen anything like this before. Vince McMahon said, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this.'”

The Rock’s true low came at WrestleMania 13 when he was booed out of the building again The Sultan.

“It all culminated to WrestleMania. It was my very first WrestleMania as Intercontinental Champion.

“I wrestled The Sultan, who’s also Rikishi, he’s my family, my ainga, and 15,000 people in Chicago were chanting ‘Rocky Sucks.’

Rock's career low came at WM13

“And this is WrestleMania, and I remember Rikisi telling me, ‘don’t listen to them,’ but you can’t help it. You’re listening to them.

“That was the culmination that the company felt like we can’t do anything anymore with Rocky, me, Rocky Maivia. They took the belt off me… and I got hurt and was sent home for the summer.” 

“That was my low because I’m at home, I have no money and I’m thinking my wrestling career is just like my football career. It’s all just gonna end before it actually begins.” 

Rock was sent home in the summer of 1997

From the low, came the high. Rocky Maivia may have been finished, but The Rock certainly wasn’t and he returned in the summer of 1997. 

“Vince McMahon says ‘hey, I’m gonna bring you back.’ It was August 1997 I’ll never forget it,” he continued.

“[I was put] in a militant group called ‘The Nation of Domination.’ These guys wound up being my brothers, great friends.

“I went out, and I said: ‘Rocky Maivia is a lot of things but sucks isn’t one of them.’ And this is on live TV on Monday Night RAW.

Rock returned as part of The Nation

“I said, ‘it’s not a black thing. It’s not a white thing. It’s a me whopping your ass thing,’ something to that effect, and I just kept there dropped the mic.

“Fans were kind of booing, chanting Rocky sucks, but they were feeling something. They could feel a difference because I was just being me.”

Rock then talked about connecting with fans and the moment he knew he’d arrived in WWE. 

“The next PPV I had was in Chicago, the place that booed me out of the building,” Rock continued.

Rock was booed out of the building again

“We would walk out and in this syncopated beat [The Nation of Domination’s music] I start to hear 15,000 people, ‘Rocky sucks. Rocky sucks. Rocky sucks.’ I mean hard, blowing the roof of the place.

“I get in the middle of the ring. I pause. I want to see what happens to this crowd. ‘Rocky sucks.’ It got stronger, and all I did, I kind of turned around.

“I look this way. It got so strong. That place was f***ing vibrating, that arena.

“I knew in that moment that I was in rarefied air and that rarefied air in professional wrestling is me doing absolutely nothing and having the crowd right there in the palm of my hand.  

The Rock started connecting with fans in 1997

“Did nothing. ‘Rocky sucks.’ Looked at them. ‘Rocky sucks.’ And all I did was go, ‘no, no, no.’ When I went home that night, back at the hotel, I realized that I had something special and I was so elated.

“It was like a weight was lifted off my body. It was almost like a resurrection, like a religious experience when you catch the holy ghost because then I realized ah, now with the people, we can dance.

“Now with the people, we’re gonna have a real relationship.” 

In the space of just a few months, Dwayne Johnson went from rock bottom to the top of the mountain in WWE.

The Rock is now a WWE icon

You can watch his full Q&A, which lasts 15 minutes, HERE

Thankfully, The Rock was strong enough to bounce back from his lowest moment.

He could have easily walked away after WrestleMania 13, but he didn’t and instead became the most iconic WWE star in history. The lesson is clear: Never give up on your dreams. 

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