Footage of Eddie Hall working the pads shows he's got serious power

  • Alex Batt

We all know by now that Strongman Eddie Hall is set to fight his long-term nemesis Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, aka ‘The Mountain’, next year and anticipation levels are already at an all-time high.

Everyone all over the world is searching for clips of both of them in the ring, just to see whether or not they have any boxing experience whatsoever.

Well, after just a quick scan on YouTube you can see that BOTH of them have been inside the ring before and both of them have some form of experience when it comes to donning the gloves.

Hall has fought in a charity boxing fight, has sparred with Tyson Fury’s cousin Hughie and has in general used boxing as a form of exercise over the past few years.

As for ‘The Mountain’, he’s also been videoed sparring and using boxing as a form of training, so it’s safe to say both of them feel comfortable in gloves and inside the squared circle.

However, the latest clip to be dug out of the archives is Hall working the pads alongside one of his trainers, and his power is absolutely frightening.

Massive right hands, followed up with massive left hands. You’ve just got to feel sorry for the poor bloke holding the pads and taking the blows from the 362-pound man.

Not satisfied with just landing massive individual shots, near the end of the clip, Hall throws in a couple of combos for good measure.

Of course, they aren’t as quick and nifty as professional boxers, but let’s be real here, Hall isn’t a professional and no boxer really looks like him, do they?

However, after viewing the clip above, it’s very clear to see that Hall may have the dynamite in his gloves to knock ‘The Mountain’ out.

Just imagine being caught with one of those bombs cleanly on the jaw… no thanks!

No doubt ‘The Mountain’ can also hang on the pads, he’s even bigger than Hall for starters, but you cannot deny just how good the Brit looks and just how powerful as well!

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